Kangan Arora AW15

We first introduced Kangan to the FLOOR_STORY collective in the exclusive Designer Rug collection and once again she's graced us with her talents for a series of more affordable creations that are, well, uniquely Kangan. Bright and bold colours inspired by the art and colourful culture of India combine with strong geometric patterns to create four fabulous new designs. Beautifully handmade in India from 100% Wool, these new rugs, Jali and Lucknow find their origins in decorative lattice screens known as Jal. We've also introduced the incredibly successful Loha and Weft, previously available at Heal's.

  • Jali Day FLOOR_STORY 壁&床カーペット&ラグ

    Jali Day

  • Jali Night FLOOR_STORY 壁&床カーペット&ラグ

    Jali Night

  • Loha Blue FLOOR_STORY 壁&床カーペット&ラグ

    Loha Blue

  • Loha Yellow FLOOR_STORY 壁&床カーペット&ラグ

    Loha Yellow

  • Lucknow Day FLOOR_STORY 壁&床カーペット&ラグ

    Lucknow Day

  • Lucknow Night FLOOR_STORY 壁&床カーペット&ラグ

    Lucknow Night