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Reopening of construction sectors in the UK post COVID-19 lockdown:

Due to the COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions, both economy and construction sectors in the UK had to face one of it’s toughest times but now after the restrictions have been uplifted, everything is coming back to it’s place slowly. The construction sectors was one of the first sectors to he allowed to resume work initially by the government after the lockdown.

We can’t ignore the fact that Corona still very much exists and is rapidly spreading from one person to the other but at the same time we can’t put life on hold and life must go back to normal, but we should be mindful of taking safety precautions as guided by the government to stop the further spread of the virus and future lockdowns since lockdown situation was very tough on the elite class aswell as the middle and lower class. The construction sector is very important for the successful running of the United Kingdom and is critical to both economy aswell as public safety. Like every other workplace in the country in these situations, construction projects may aswell resume only if employers are cautious and make sure that their staff and general public is safe from the disease by ensuring that during work all safety precautions are taken.

While the economy in the UK suffered as a whole, but some industries suffered more than others such as the construction sector and in such conditions some wonder how the construction sector can rebound. Regular construction projects  in the UK fell by 70% during the outrageous virus outbreak and so  it will take a good amount of time to recover from such a loss eventually. In the first few months of lockdown restrictions being uplifted, the industries including the construction sector won’t be the same keeping in mind they have to practice social distancing while working and so the sector will have to adjust to these conditions.

The civil engineering sector will face a strong recovery as compared to the other construction sectors. Public infrastructure is crucial in recovering economy in these times of a pandemic and hence construction sectors will find it more beneficial if they seek work in these types of projects. The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) recommended that business create a more collaborative industry while they recover, adapting conditions that enable them to move forward amidst the COVID-19 situations. They should embrace digital technology. Even though the construction sector has been hesitant in embracing data and modern technology in the past, it can not afford to do so now. It will take time but if the sector does not transform itself and adapt to new conditions, it will hit a far worse low.It is essential for us in these crucial times to keep a check on constructions news.

The HIS Markit purchasing managers’ index for UK dropped to 39.3, marking the lowest reading in the past 10 years due to the Corona virus pandemic. During the lockdown when restrictions were imposed across the United Kingdom, construction sites shut down and builders lost their jobs and the country’s unemployment rate had not seen such a horrid state since April 2009. Now that lockdown restrictions have been uplifted, the construction sector is slowly regaining it’s strength but We can’t expect everything to go back to normal rapidly, rather we will have to wait until everything goes back to normal slowly and gradually. This will only be possible if we follow the SOP’s as directed by the government, maintaing a social distance of a minimum of 2m, keeping our masks on and avoiding unnecessary contact.