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Suzy Abrahams
Suzy Abrahams
Suzy Abrahams
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Empire State Building

  • Suzy Abrahamsが手掛けた現代の, モダン

    Empire State Building

    A fantastic example of an Art Deco skyscraper. I was particularly interested in the top section of the building. The painting comprises of layer upon layer of acrylic glazed shapes.

    The original painting has been sold but limited edition giclee prints are available in three different sizes. A2, A3 & A4.

    Priced £75, £55 & £35 plus postage.

    The print includes a white border allowing it to be framed on its own or placed in a mount. The prints will fit standard sized frames. Printed on high quality acid free watercolour paper using pigment based archival inks. Superb clarity and high reproductive quality.