Out & Out Original


16 Abbey Road
NW8 9GS London
+44-3444171419 www.outandoutoriginal.com


The product was delivered exactly when they said it would - product looked as pretty as a picture and the packaging was excellent. All round great experience - definitely shall be ordering from them again.
6 ヵ月前
Bought a sofa from them. "That's a great deal" we said... in hindsight, whatever deal they have, will never be good enough for the awful service they provide. There is a reason they have to discount to get business. I guarantee by the end of it, like us, you'll have wished you'd paid the extra and gone with a reputable company. LISTEN TO THE REVIEWS, DON'T BE TEMPTED, DO NOT USE!!
3 ヵ月前
We are still waiting on the correct table to be delivered 14 days after our order was "fulfilled" after we were given one that wasn't even close to being right (unfortunately I can't upload photos of this) . We filled out a claim response form as instructed and had a response 22/08 stating the correct table would be with us ASAP. We then had a text message on the 25/08 saying delivery would be on the 27/08 between 12-3pm and also had a reminder on this delivery 26/08 only to be told at 9am on the day of delivery that "due to a picking error, we're unable to deliver your order today". To add to this when we were assembling the seating sections; some of the holes do not line up at all, the parts are stickered with letters while in the instructions they are numbers and vice versa for the bolts and the rattan effect material was split in places and also covered bolt holes making it an absolute nightmare to build. It is safe to say we will not be using Out and Out again and I definitely would not recommend. Absolutely appalled by this service to say the least and the quality of the product is bang average at best.