Grande Interior Design


The completion was on time without any delay. In the end, it was 2 days earlier than expected. The quotation was accurate, and the service attitude was good and professional. The designer was creative, and the finished product was very finished.
5 ヵ月前
The designer is also very clear and satisfied all my requirements. The service is professional and kind. The whole design is stylish and the price is very reasonable. The difference between Zhong Youkuo's quotation and the actual price is very small. It is not like other interior design companies that exceed expectations. One point You get what you pay for, and the materials are very good.
5 ヵ月前
The designer has a good attitude and is a very professional team. He has a lot of opinions on me than Zuo, and he also quickly understands what style I want. Their design makes me feel a lot more spacious in the whole room, and the degree of completion is very high. I am very Satisfied with the final result, the most important thing is that the quotation is clear and accurate, and the materials used are very good.
6 ヵ月前
The promotion is very strong but the actual service and design are bad. Not listen to client requirement, not giving options, and bad construction quality...... very disappointed experience .......
8 ヵ月前
Obviously choose a job to do, wait extremely unresponsive, and not active, maybe a lot of jobs... the first time you hit the battlefield, it's so polite.
ほぼ 2 年前
Transportation is convenient, there are buses, buses and minibuses to reach!
約 5 年前