Calgary Elite Roofing


I cannot thank Calgary Elite enough! Recently had my roof replaced due to the hail storm. Elite's team was amazing from the start to finish! Pricing was fair, crew was always on time and finished faster than I had expected even replacing some rotten sheets of wood, keeping us updated the entire process. They even came back to do another check for debris/nails to ensure nothing was left behind! Best of all, my roof looks great! After finding out we had a condensation issue, Elite quickly attended our property and replaced our vents to ensure proper & adequate airflow would be achieved. Thanks Elite for such great service and workmanship!
4 ヵ月前
When you consider replacing your roof, most people usually think about shady characters, nails left around the property, and a general all-around headache. My experience dealing with Greg and his team has always been quite the opposite. They've always been active in getting back to me and very thorough while explaining each part of the process. From helping us select a specific colour of shingle to compliment the brick and siding to making sure that all of our vent pipes were straight, the team worked hours on every detail. I highly recommend Calgary Elite Roofing's team of professionals for a fair, reasonably priced, and attractive roof!
6 ヵ月前
I have always been a big believer that when I get less than adequate service that I need to make my dissatisfaction known to management. On the reverse side, I am also a believer that when I get service that I am very satisfied with, that I need to make my satisfaction known to management. Subsequently, I need to relate a very positive experience with Calgary Elite Roofing over the last year or so. My first experience with Calgary Elite Roofing was shortly after we moved into our house in NW Calgary. Which left me with a very good feeling about the company and the personnel. Then in March 2020 we have some roof vents replaced and re-configured 2 bathroom fan vents, to function more efficiently by Calgary Elite Roofing. Just this past week there was an issue with one of the bathroom vents. Within a short time of leaving a voice mail I received a call to enquire about the issue. We arranged a mutually agreed upon time that day (within 1 hour of call) to look into the problem. In less than 1 hour their Head Foreman arrived and got straight to investigating the issue. The issue was quickly identified and corrected. He took the time to explain to me what the issue was (with pictures) and how he repaired the issue. He also mention that if the issue persists to call them back and they would rework the vent line. When asked about the cost, he said it was covered by the warranty on the work previously performed. That truly is impressive. As I had no idea any warranty would apply. I wish I could name everyone that has been involved with the repairs / service over the last year, but I know I would leave someone out. In this day and age it is rare that you receive this type of service. Well done Calgary Elite Roofing!
5 ヵ月前
I previously reviewed like following, but they did their best to figure it out and gave me 5 stars satisfaction. ------------------ My home's ex owner installed the roof on 2016, and it is leaking. When I called to get fix, they said you need to be transferred the warranty from the ex owner or will be avoided. It is ridiculous! You have the responsibility on the product not the person who purchases!!!
4 ヵ月前
Highly recommend. Robert at Calgary Elite Roofing provided exceptional service. Very knowledgeable, experienced, reliable and a pleasure to work with. Will definitely use their services again.
6 ヵ月前
Do not hesitate to give Elite Roofing a call for any of your roofing needs. Jordan and his crew at Elite are simply the best. They replaced our 20 plus year old roof, did our fascia, eaves trough and capping on our chimney. They were all passionate about their work from beginning to end and it shows in their workmanship. It is rare in this day in age to find a company and its staff that cares about their customers and not just the bottom dollar. We are very fortunate to have worked with Jordan, his crew and Elite Roofing and would not hesitate to recommend them. Thank you again for a job well done, we love our roof! Nigel and Suzana.
9 ヵ月前
Just had Elite roofing put new rubber tiles on our roof. I was a pleasure dealing with Elite, the work was excellent all the staff were very pleasant and very professional. It is nice to see there are still people who take great pride in their work. I would recommend them to anyone
16 日前
We used Calgary Elite to repair the damages to our house from last years hail storm. They were amazing to work with, and always made us feel like we were in good hands. Work was done when they said it would be, quality work and they were always available to answers questions along the way. I would with out a doubt recommend Robert and his team of professionals. Thanks
18 日前
I originally called two roofing companies... one company told me they only replace roofs and would be able to email a quote "by the end of the week". Elite Roofing, on the other hand, sent their inspector Greg the next day. He was honest, personable, and knowledgeable. He inspected our roof, emailed us the pictures, saying it was simply melted condensation that froze above the pot light (pot light doesn't have a vapor barrier above it). He did patch a couple of nails that were sticking up with silicon... all at no charge! Thank-you Elite, and a big shoutout to Greg!