Leak Tracers Direct


We recently moved back home having needed extensive repairs to our property from underlying water damage. Leak Tracers Direct quickly and effectively found the cause of the water damage to our home. They handled our claim directly with the insurer and managed the rebuild for us. We are very happy with the results, many thanks.
8 ヵ月前
This company was recommended to me by a tradesman who detected a leak in my flat. I approached them with some trepidation as it all sounded a bit too good to be true. In no time I was contacted by the Moez Kara (owner) who arranged to visit and survey the flat (site). Long story short, I took a leap of faith and have just signed off the job on time and to spec. So why haven't I given them 5 stars? Because if you are a little precious about your property and are likely to find dealing with a direct talking no nonsense refurbishment business stressful, perhaps they aren't the business for you. No one is rude but they are in the business of getting things done now now and if you can't keep up then too bad; added to which you have signed a contract that basically says they are doing it their way. So would I recommend them; yes definitely. The actually foreman I had on site was excellent and very easy to talk to and frankly once I had relaxed and let go of the reigns it all just happened. So pull your big boy (or girl) pants up and give them a go; just don't wear your pride on your sleeve.
I'm not usually one for reviews but I received probably the rudest, most arrogant calls I've ever had from one of their surveyors. Off the back of this didn't use this company so can't comment on anything to do with their work.
10 ヵ月前
They have expert technology and were able to locate my hidden central heating leak which was buried under my kitchen floor. If not for them I would have had to rip up my flooring all over the house searching for the leak. Instead they were able to pin point the exact location of leakage so I only had to dig up a section of the kitchen floor. They also dealt with my insurance claim and recovered all my costs. You'd be a fool not to use this company!
Super service, wish we had found and used them sooner. Very supportive from start to finish. The team members that we had contact with either direct or via email/phone were helpful and pleasant to deal with and took a lot of stress away by dealing directly with insurance companies and workmen. Thank you very much for your help! It made a very difficult situation a lot easier to manage with your support on board!
Total rip off - didn't find the leak, told us we didn't have one, leak was found later by plumber. They don't respond to calls after they've taken your money, tell you they will call back and never do. After demanding the inspection report from them, finally received it weeks later which they had forged our signature on. Avoid this company unless you want to be ripped off.
3 ヵ月前
Reconstruction work hasn't begun yet but I have to say that All Property Claims (who own Leak Tracers Direct) has been incredible. They've worked so hard, Roshan in particular, chasing first the management company and freeholder, then the insurance company. We faced months of stonewalling where I would have been tearing my hair out if left to face it alone -- instead Roshan has torn hers out on our behalf, persisting until the claim was approved. They know exactly what they're doing and how to get results, allowing those of us who don't deal with insurance companies on a daily basis to get on with our day jobs. I whole heartedly recommend, this company has saved me hours and hours of frustration.
4 ヵ月前
Note: The following review was written due to our unhappy encounter with an engineer named Moez Kara who is working for the company rather than the company itself. We called up this company Wed morning based on raving good reviews on Google, as the night before we saw water leak through the corner which we shared the wall with the neighbouring flat. Moez called back Wed midday and we explained our situations. The leak has been known to affect both flats. There is also building insurance available covering the whole block of flats which adds to the complication of how inspection could/should be conducted and coordinated and the cost (we were quoted £400 for an investigation in one flat) recovered subsequently. We explained these but Moez seemed to hold different opinion that regardless of these information the search needs to be conducted in our flat ASAP. He left the contact for us to get in touch once we decide. Today (Friday) Moez called up again regarding whether we want to commission him with the leak detection work. We explained we are still in the process of talking to owner of the neighbouring flat and sorting out the process before we could continue and we need a bit more time. Moez didn't agree with our approach, insisted that the most sensible way was to conduct the search in our flat first while acknowledging that there is a possibility of NOT finding the source of leak WITHIN our flat. We don't think we could agree to that as our goal is to locate the leak (which could be from us or neighbour or even the communal pipe) rather than to simply conclude that the source of the leak was not in our flat (which is possible speaking to a few builders regarding when stuff was last used and having had two rounds of inspection already, one of which performed by a plumber). He accused us of "already made up the mind" which implied our explanation of needing a bit more time to manage the whole process flow was merely an excuse. His tone was arrogant and condescending as if he was speaking from a senior manager's perspective that we did not follow a simple standard SOP. He even claimed that "even if you come back to us later we would not be able to serve you as our thinking is fundamentally different". Usually in life there is more than one way of solving a particular problem. Specialists might have their preferred way of tackling issues but the fact that customers don't accept their suggestions doesn't mean that customers are stupid, but simply, the communication skills of talking to customers need to be improved massively. This 1 star review was given solely to Moez for his bad attitude aggravating potential customers and lack of communication skills. He might be knowledgeable and good at what he does but I wouldn't recommend dealing with him. If he has been assigned to you I would advise calling the company up and ask for someone else.
4 ヵ月前
From the very beginning we decided to use the service provided by Leak Tracers Direct it was simple, straightforward and very professional. i was particularly impressed with the workmanship of everyone involved in the reinstatement of my kitchen after and under floor leak had left extensive damage. I would highly recommend these guys for anyone that requires their services. From customer service at the office to the builders working on site everyone was truly a polite and courteous at all times.
3 ヵ月前
Faultless service from start to finish I can’t thank you enough for taking the stress out of a very stressful situation. I had a leak under my bathroom floor which we just couldn’t locate but the team expertly found the issue, managed the claim with my insurer and arranged all the works to be completed. Excellent service! Highly recommend this company!
2 ヵ月前
Leak tracers direct not only found my leak but also helped me with an insurance claim to sort out my floor and wall which was damaged. The claims manager was very persistent with the loss adjuster who was really slow. She kept me informed all the way. Their builders take a real pride in their job. A really skillful team and always happy to help.
約 2 ヵ月前
Roshan and Moez were incredibly informative and helpful throughout the process. They answered our many questions and kept us up to date from start to finish. We had only just moved into a new house when we got a leek, and we would have really struggled without them. Great service!
約 2 ヵ月前