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contacted singapore carpentry and they quoted a very competitive rate, and the designer understood the modern luxury design style we wanted for our semi detached home. proposed carpentry work was quite impressive, and fufilled our needs, it showcased the understanding the designer had for the client. although sometimes the designer takes 2-3 days to respond to us via whatsapp, we were given consistent updates with regards to the renovation work, changes that we wanted were implemented properly as well. there was a small delay due to manpower issues, however after hand over in early june, we could see that the results were really worth it. our friends and family have been complimenting our home when they came to visit. thank you!
約 2 ヵ月前
プロジェクト日程: 6月 2022
We met up with 3 other companies before deciding on singapore carpentry for our landed home a&a works , they were accommodative to incorporate my ideas and quoted well within my budget, what won us over was because they were able to provide practical yet luxurious suggestions to the rough idea that we had in mind without busting the tight budget we set for them. planning before the renovations was a breeze as their team provided a lot of good ideas. during the renovation period, they whatsapped us daily updates with pictures taken onsite to show me the progress. top notch following up after handover as well, the final results looked very close to the renders they provided. a bit of hiccups occured, some works were not completed on schedule, there were a bit of delay, however in the end we were very pleased with outcome and overall workmanship. still, i would highly recommend singapore carpentry for their team's impressive design as well as consideration for our budget.
約 2 ヵ月前
プロジェクト日程: 5月 2022
hardworking and polite as well. definitely recommend them if you have a limited budget for them to stick to and work with, but still want good luxury home design. certain aspects i'd like to praise is the workmanship and quality of the kitchen cabinets, walk in wardrobe and storage cabinets, all these i had some additional ideas of my own later on and requested for some changes to be made to the design, their team was patient when listening to my requests and despite additional costs, it did not go over-budget. hand over proceeded quite smoothly, their team spent effort to clean up the area really well to hand over great results. kudos, would recommend as well as engage singapore carpentry again if i have any future projects in mind.
3 ヵ月前
プロジェクト日程: 5月 2022