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Design Solution Srl

Design Solution Srl

Design Solution Srl
Design Solution Srl
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Our firm is specialized in Contract, a sector in which DESIGN SOLUTION works directly or in partnership with other companies.

Our specialty is design, consultancy and execution of Villas, Hotels and Restaurants, both for exterior concepts and interior decorations, with customized turnkey solutions for projects in Italy and abroad. With our offer, composed by more than 2500 items, we are able to supply a wide range of products that renders unique all the places where people live and work: indoor and outdoor furniture, floorings, customizable wall-, kitchen-, bathroom- and swimming pool-coverings in aluminum, aboveground pools, Wall & Aquatic panels fully customizable with more than 30 million subjects. Moreover we can supply and customize bed headboards, wallpapers, mirrors, paintings, prints and carpet with unique design.

All the products are 100% “Made in Italy”. 

We are able to offer a wide range of customized products in constant evolution, studied taking great care of any requirement of our customers and on the basis of their budget. Our service is therefore addressed to architects, interior designers, general contractors and project managers, but also to hotel and restaurant owners and private customers, offering an innovative and fully customizable furnishing solution for your public and private areas. 

Please visit the page “PRODUCTS” to find out our range of products and services and do not hesitate to contact us to get your own customized solution.

Via del Progresso, 4/B
47838 Riccione
+39-0541609000 www.dscontract.com


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