Osaka, Japan. の遠藤秀平建築研究所/​Endo Shuhei Architect Instituteが手掛けた建築家 | homify

遠藤秀平建築研究所/​Endo Shuhei Architect Institute

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Shuhei Endo

1960. Born in Shiga Prefecture

1986. Obtained a master's degree at Kyoto University of Art.   1988. Established Shuhei Endo Architect Institute.

2004. Professor at the international summer academy in Salzburg

Currently professor at Graduate School of Kobe University

2008. AIJ Annual Architectural Design Commendation 2008 (Japan) Prize of Architecture Governor of Osaka (Japan) 2007. Prize of Architecture Governor of Osaka (Japan) ARCASIA Award (Korea ) 2006. AIJ Annual Architectural Design Commendation 2006 (Japan) Architecture Award in Chuubu (Japan) 2005. Architecture and design for young children @@@ International award 2005(England)  BCS (Building Contractors Society) prize(Japan) The Party of Architects Award (Japan) @ Good Design Award (Japanj AR d Award (Englandj 2004. 9th International Architecture Exhibition Special Award la Biennale di Venezia 2004, (Italy) Community planning award on human scale(Hyogo pre) American Wood Design Award (U.S.A)  Education Facility Award for Public School 2004 (Research Institute of Educational Facilities) Wood Architecture design Award(Japan) Japan Society for Finishing Technology Prize Architecture Award in Chuubu (Japan) 2003. Kenneth F. Brown Asia Pacific Culture and Architecture Design Award, Grand Prix, (U.S.A) Architecture Award in Chuubu (Japan) Education Minister's Art Encouragement Prize for Freshmans (Japan) etc.
2-14-5, Tenma, Kita-ku
530-0043 Osaka, Japan.


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