Delta house, 水野建築事務所 水野建築事務所 モダンな 家
Delta house, 水野建築事務所 水野建築事務所 モダンな 家


Delta house is a small house in the residential neighborhood of Tsujido.The site is approximately one kilometer away from the ocean as well as from the comprise part of the area which was recently converted from agricultural land to residential use. The plot is extremely irregular in shape as there was formerly a farm road crossing the property. Total volume was roughly determined based on the shape of the plot, the Building Standards Law, but also the need for parking space. We invested most of our efforts into enlarging the interior space of this small house andexploring the relationship between interior and exterior spaces. Those resulted in creation of a doma* which creates the approach to the house combined together with a adjacent triangular atrium; in other words, we introduced a three-dimensional L-shaped, external space as an addition to the main building. This has helped us to create a sense of separation between rooms, increase spaciousness, and form a better connection with the outside neighborhood in a way that is impossible to express with standard metrics.As with Japanese houses from previous periods, this house enables its occupants to freely adjust private and public areas depending on the occasion. It is our hope that this space will create new dialogues.

*Doma: A room which is partially outdoors and set approximately at ground level. In traditional Japanese homes, it combines the functions of kitchen and agricultural workshop.

クレジット: 写真:野田東徳 Photograph : Harunori Noda