volcano 3 toaster - Made in Germany ritterwerk GmbH キッチン電気
volcano 3 toaster - Made in Germany ritterwerk GmbH キッチン電気

volcano 3 toaster – probably the slimmest toaster in the world

With a depth of shortly 9 cm, the elegant volcano 3 elongated slot toaster is incomparably slim-line and a real eye-catcher in any kitchen. The high-quality housing made of aluminium also gives the toaster an exclusive appearance. High-quality materials and perfect craftsmanship guarantee that the volcano 3 will have a long life span.

With volcano 3, two slices of toast can be toasted at the same time, with the toast food centering device ensuring that they are evenly browned. There are nine toasting degrees to brown the bread to your taste. The toasting degree is digitally displayed in LEDs and is retained for next time by means of a memory function so it does not always need resetting – this is also the case if the toaster is disconnected from the mains supply. While the bread is toasting, the LEDs gradually disappear as the time progresses, so that the remaining time to toast can be easily predicted.

The toaster has other useful functions: If toast is not served immediately, it can easily be reheated in 30 seconds using the rewarming function without having to toast it again, therefore avoiding a darker shade of toast than you wanted. Frozen slices of bread are no problem for volcano 3 either, as it has a separate thawing function which will first thaw the bread and then toast it in a single step.

With the integrated bread and roll rack, there’s nothing standing in the way of a cosy breakfast with the smell of freshly crisped up bread rolls and croissants. As the bread and roll rack is integrated into the toaster, it does not have to be stored separately and as such inadvertently lost. It is always ready to use: simply fold up, crisp up and enjoy breakfast.

The crumb tray of volcano 3 is perfectly and inconspicuously integrated into the elegant design and can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning.

volcano 3 has many practical functions and also guarantees completely safe toasting: The thermal insulation counteracts excessive heat developing in the external housing, protecting users from burns. The toaster is fully and automatically switched off after the bread has been toasted to the pre-set level – this is also the case if the bread gets stuck. If necessary, the toasting cycle can be interrupted at any point with a separate stop button. The illuminated LED display also ensures more safety because it visually shows that the toaster is in use.

Due to its low energy consumption, its user-friendly operation and its stringent safety requirements, volcano 3 bears the Blue Angel seal “protects the climate – because energy-efficient“.

The volcano 3 is like all other ritter-products of course “made in Germany”.