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deck tai_tai STUDIO ラスティックデザインの リビング 鉄/鋼 deck
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deck tai_tai STUDIO ラスティックデザインの リビング 鉄/鋼 deck


· It is a renovation design of an old wooden flat house.

· Old houses in this place near the sea are often built in a flat for wind protection.

· Since this house has been built for a long time, proper repair was necessary for structure and waterproofing.

· The lifestyle at the time of construction was outdated. Therefore, we had to change floor plan and increase flooring according to current lifestyle.

· By increasing the heat insulation performance of the insulation material and the window, the internal space can be increased widely and hight-celling.

· The internal space has been expanded by securing the structural balance while taking advantage of the existing building structure.

· We carefully arranged inexpensive industrial products (such as corrugated boards and windows of ready-made items) that can be obtained easily, and construction methods (such as boarding and plastering construction) that can be accurately made.

色: 赤色
素材: 鉄/鋼

homify - あなたの家を形にします