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昭和町の家 / House in Showacho 藤原・室 建築設計事務所 モダンデザインの リビング 白色 新築,住宅,狭小住宅,スリット,吹き抜け,スキップフロア,植栽
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昭和町の家 / House in Showacho 藤原・室 建築設計事務所 モダンデザインの リビング 白色 新築,住宅,狭小住宅,スリット,吹き抜け,スキップフロア,植栽



 主たる解決は、断面的な空間構成であった。南に面する道路側から→“モッコクの樹” →天井高さが5.6mあるリビング”→吹き抜けと階段スペース”→各部屋を地下から3階まで4層に重ねる空間構成”→小さな外部吹抜け”を順に設けた。そして、フロアをスキップフロアとし、ずれを生じさせることで、後方の部屋からの視線が道路側まで抜け、室内の様子が外部から連続しているような、都市と繋がり感のある建物を実現することができた。


 都市部の狭小敷地での計画の場合、一般的には敷地いっぱいに建物を建て、建蔽率をクリアする為に中庭を設けることで、内部に広がりとプライバシーを保つ、といった方法がよく取られる。そのような計画の場合、道路側である都市側は壁が主体となり、圧迫感が感じられるのファサードとなる。 昭和町の家においては、建物前面部分から控えたところに植栽を植え、それを内部からも見えるようにする、というところから、都市側を意識することがはじまり、建物内部からファサードまでを形成している。

場所:大阪府大阪市 竣工年:2008年 用途(家族構成):専用住宅(夫婦) 敷地面積:70.44㎡ (21.34坪) 建築面積:42.61㎡(12.91坪) 延床面積:108.35㎡ (45.74坪) 階数:地上3、地下1 構造:鉄骨造 写真撮影:矢野紀行

House in Minami-tanabe

 Showa-cho is a quiet place even though it is downtown. There are many people residency from a long time ago. The design of the residence has a narrow frontage, which is a part of a row house (17.89m x 3.94m). The design of the residence is that the street in front of the house could be a part of scenery rather than to be closed towards the street.

 A big problem in the progress of the planning was that it could take only less than 3 meters for effective flange width inside when it was built in such a long narrow lot. According to this condition, it was studied many times on how it could have an expansive feeling and continuity from the street side to the end of the back of the house.

 The main solution was to use cross section construction. From the south side that faces the street, a tree (Ternstroemia gymnanthera) was planted. The living room has 5.6m of ceiling height, stairwell and stairs spaces, 4 layers of construction from basement to 3rd floor each rooms, a small outside stairwell. Each floor is not piled up, but adopted the skip floor method, which made a gap. This method made it possible to see the outside street from the back rooms so, that it could be unified with outside of the house and create a larger atmosphere.

 Despite the stairs being in the center of the house it is not blocking the view of outside. Glass was used for every partition wall. Slits were also made on the floors and ceilings. From these effects, the house can be unified with the outside and therefore create a larger atmosphere within the house.   In general, when constructing on a small plot of land, planning tends to take on the idea of making the property spacious, but keeping privacy inside within the property. In such a case, the façade would normally be built with a wall, but then it would create an enclosed and pressured atmosphere. Since the Showa-cho property is a small plot of land, the house was constructed with a courtyard to follow the building coverage ratio by using almost all of ratio. In this case, the house in Showa-cho, deliberately included the city side to scenery and made façade by planting a tree in the space in front of the house that made it could be seen inside of the house, too.

Project Location : Osaka-city, Osaka Pref., Japan Completion Year : 2008 Principle use : residence Site Area : 70.44㎡ Building Area : 42.61㎡ Total Floor Area : 108.35㎡ Storeys : upper ground 3, under ground, 1 Structure : steel Photo by: Toshiyuki Yano

色: 白色
クレジット: 写真撮影:矢野紀行