BONSAI LAMP すがたかたち 玄関&廊下&階段照明 木材・プラスチック複合ボード 透明
BONSAI LAMP すがたかたち 玄関&廊下&階段照明 木材・プラスチック複合ボード 透明

Material : Polypropylene, LED 4w, transformer, wooden socle

Size : BL-L/330x330x495, BL-M/300x300x490, BL-S/270x270x470 mm

Technique : Carving and accumulation of layers of corrugated plastic.

Bonsai has been the inspiration source to create this organic lamp design which looks like a tree.

Furthermore, the spirit of bonsai seeks to harmonise the nature with the man-made.

Thus, being similar to the bonsai, the lamp although small, creates a new universe around it.

Indeed, an entire landscape is condensed on it, allowing to give a peace of mind.

Its relief varies depending on your viewing angle, which prevents the weariness of usual lamps.

Made of corrugated plastic, its translucency has a certain purity.

Moreover, the material allows light to have a very good visual effect when the lamp is lit.

The play of light has a striking result.


見る角度によりメッシュ状から彫刻的なボリュームに変化します。 LED内蔵で放熱効果にも優れたデザインです。

色: 透明
素材: 木材・プラスチック複合ボード