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A Sweet Little Family Home

Luke Riley Luke Riley
Müllers Büro ミニマルデザインの ダイニング
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Here on homify, we love to highlight particular projects that strike a chord with our ethos, which is high-quality design projects and innovative thinking. The project we'll be taking a look at today certainly fits this bill. 

Overseen by the architects at Müllers Büro, the home is an exemplar of good design and is in line with all the latest home design trends. White has been used to shade the surfaces of both the interior and exterior, giving the home an iconic appearance.

The owners of the home have access to flowing communal areas that are characterised by high ceilings and generous floor plans. Not to mention the high-quality outdoor settings, which feature a furnished paved area that overlooks gorgeous nature beyond.

Let's take a look around…

Just a simple white cottage?

Surrounded by a beautiful forest, the position of the home allows for views of the nature from almost every room inside.

Peace and tranquillity is assured with nosey neighbours and busy roads distanced miles away from the property. Company is kept with close family and the local wildlife. 

Moving to the other side

The home itself has a form much like other rural properties in the area, with a cottage like appearance. 

However, the choice of render colour and expansive glazing separate this home from its traditional neighbouring properties.

Light and Bright

To achieve their aim of a light-filled home, we can see how the architects have incorporated a hallow design for the space above the dining table. As a result, the space feels incredibly bright and open with natural light able to enter from all angles. 

Imagine dining in the evening and being able to look up and see the stars twinkling above through the skylight. 

View from above

Why has an all-white interior become such a desirable décor in modern homes, you may ask? 

Well, an all-white scheme can create an unassuming space, where the subtleties of form and shadow can be the focus. The image captured here displays this perfectly. 

Shared communal area

Stepping further inside, we can gather a feel for the open plan living spaces on the ground level of the home.

It's here that the kitchen, living and dining room areas are all joined together to create a setting where the family can gather for a variety of occasions. 

Working with a view

Up the stairs we find ourselves in the home's study, which appears to be clean and orderly, just like a study should be. A mix of modern and traditional furnishings have been selected to give the room a playful appearance. Notice how the desk has been placed so that those working can look up and enjoy the view of the nature outside. 

Overall, it's very impressive how strong the commitment of both the design firm and the owners was to achieve their original design of building an all-white home. They could have easily altered the design in favour of an easier or less risky design outcome. Luckily, this hasn't occurred here since the end result is so spectacular. 

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