Before and After: From Farmhouse to Magic Family home – A fabulous makeover!

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
Studio 06 モダンデザインの リビング
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Join us on a before and after tour to watch the fabulous makeover of a home – from farmhouse to contemporary chic. The dramatic renovation is led by an amazing creative team from Studio 06, architects based in Turin, Italy. It's simply fascinating to see how a run-down farmhouse can be turned into a stylish, modern home. We will observe how a space that is functionally segmented is pulled together to create one cohesive space. We will also see how elements such as colour and light can breathe life into a house. 

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this before and after tour. Let's have a look at this incredible transformation shall we? 

The old farmhouse

Pictured here we see the original state of the property, which was an old farmhouse before it was magically transformed into a stylish modern home. The classic farm house has its own charm, and some parts of it have been maintained while other parts have been renovated completely. In order to live up to its highest potential, this old farmhouse needed more than a little makeover, it actually required a complete transformation. 

A transparent facade

A transparent facade composed of large glass sliding doors and windows make the exteriors as well as the interiors of this house bright and clear. Although most of the basic structure of the building is retained such as the shingled roof and impressive wooden ceiling beams, a huge difference can definitely be noticed and appreciated. We will have a closer look at the interiors next. 

Striking colours

The striking colours used in the interiors have a nice way of capturing your attention. For example, the accent wall pictured here in a dramatic, fiery red adds vibrancy and life to the living room and dining area. The black roman clock on the rich red wall also adds a striking contrast to this modern space. Small details such as the poufs and the transparent plastic dining chairs help to foster a casual, laid-back atmosphere which is ideal for relaxation and recreation. 

Cosy kitchen corner

Pictured here we see a cosy little kitchen corner that has been positioned near the dining area. Although the kitchen corner is very small, it provides adequate storage cabinets and shelves so that a neat kitchen is easily maintained. A bent wooden ladder in the corner compliments the angular wooden beams visible in the ceiling. 

An incredible surprise

The mezzanine floor holds and incredible surprise for us – a large part of the solid concrete floor has been removed and replaced with a glass panel. This design fosters a visual continuity and flow between the social space below and the private space above, making the home seem like one cohesive unit that is largely interconnected. It also adds more natural light to both floors.

Attic room

The mezzanine floor is like an attic room due to the rustic wooden ceiling beams leftover from the old farmhouse. A skylight in the ceiling allows even more natural light into this space. This is a great space for an extra bedroom or perhaps a yoga room. 

Simple things

Simple things like good lighting and calming neutral colours make this bathroom a delight to be in. This shows that you don't need to add fancy details to make a bathroom look like it belongs in a hotel. 

We hope you've enjoyed this before and after tour as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at a chic eco-friendly home in the hills