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Boosting up an old boiler room

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We all want to live in beautiful houses. Pristine surfaces, spacious rooms, and immaculately designed spaces that not only causes our stress levels to lower, but our guests’ envy levels to soar.

However, part and parcel of beautiful spaces is practicality, which means reserving room for areas like a boiler room (you do like hot water with your shower, right?). And more often than not, these areas don’t get the attention they deserve in terms of design and aesthetic appeal.

Well, Korean designers Also Free, located in Incheon, felt that was wrong, which is why they swooped in and did a stylish number on a city flat’s boiler room. Let’s see how they fared…

The old boiler room

The initial appearance of the boiler room, which is housed as part of the flat’s porch: drab floor tiles, tired-looking brickwork, and an overall feeling of deterioration. 

What could possibly be done to turn this cramped and musty space into a noteworthy space?

Beginning the change

From a boiler room to an interior garden? Seems like a stretch, but that’s what our designers had in mind when kick-starting this project. Here we can see that the additional pinks and lilacs already enhance the space’s promise slightly, but we’ve still got some work ahead of us…

Wowing the windows

Our designers decided that those dull windows also needed some TLC, which is why they opted for some stylish new sheet paper to paste over the tired-looking glass. Isn’t it amazing what double-sided tape can accomplish? 

Here we can see the old window (left) compared to the new one (right), which sports a stylish new watermark-like design. Quite a change!

Upping the floor

The sickening orange floor tiles had to go, and Also Free felt that some white-on-grey designs were a perfect replacement. Interesting and intricate patterns of blocks, circles, swirls and other shapes were brought in, making for a striking change.

The gods of design really were kind to us when they decided to bless us with more than mere blocks and stripes. When it comes to adding pattern, we have an entire world of choices to consider: chevron, floral, polka dot, damask, trellis, scales and much more go quite the distance in sprucing up a place – if done correctly!

A step back

Here we can see what the entrance to the porch – from the living room – looks like after transformation has been completed. Soft pastels and light neutrals adorn the living room space, leading into an adjacent room that looks quite charming and cheerful from the outside. 

Let’s take a closer look at that completed space.

Fantastic florals

Flowers in simple glass bottles lend a very artistic look to a space, and are a very trusty method for those who are devout followers of the shabby-chic style. The fact that the majority of the bottles are brown lends an earthy element to them, making them almost seem like fresh ground for the newly planted roses and leaves.

The finished result

From a deserted and dull boiler room to a stunning secret garden – who knew it could look this stylish? 

A small art easel lends a charming vintage vibe to the newly completed room. Flowers in a range of sizes flaunt their soft petals with perfection, with dusty pinks and reds looking most charming against that soft brown brick wall. 

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