A beautiful Indian home for a happy family

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Premdas Krishna モダンデザインの リビング
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Today on homify 360, we take a virtual tour of this alluring apartment designed in a contemporary style by Kerala based architect, Premdas Krishna. Contemporary style is known for its combination of a range of styles from the latter half of the 20th century. Softened lines, neutral elements, and bold factor are the basics that make contemporary design so beloved in the world of design and architecture. The apartment, located In Kerala, features a stunning combination of contemporary and Indian style. Bold color palettes of Indian style blend beautifully with the minimal elements of contemporary style. The architect has also incorporated trending design elements into the interiors and décor of the apartment. Various color palettes and design elements are seen across all the rooms of the house but the décor style stays true to the contrasting theme. The architect has also incorporated a natural element into the interiors of the house for a more distinct look.

Are you ready to experience the beauty of design in this home tour? Fasten your seatbelts and join us in this virtual home tour!

A mesmerising courtyard

A gorgeous decal of Ganpati, a Hindu deity, graces the large glass panel in the courtyard, giving the space a bold and religious feel. Wooden embellished pillars surround the courtyard, making it a more personal space. The center of the courtyard is accentuated with beige coloured stones, bringing a natural element to the setting. The perfect place to relax after a long day, the courtyard is designed to make you feel calm and serene.

Where two rooms meet

Focusing on the open floor style of contemporary design, the architect has combined the living room with the dining room. The subtle colour palette of the dining room blends gorgeously with the dark color palette of the living room. A neutral background with shades of brown and beige make the blue toned sofa set the center of attraction. Bursts of vibrancy in the form of red décor accessories give this room a colorful style. The architect has designed the space with a plethora of lights, making the décor stand out!

A place of relaxation

We start the home tour in the lounge room of this space. Surrounded by four walls and intricately designed wooden panels, this space is designed to make you feel serene. The contrasting shades of wood, concrete, and foliage give this space a unique and calming look. A paneled ceiling rests above the trimmed foliage of this space. The architect has furnished the space with stark white seating options, making it stand out against the vibrant background. Exquisite wall lights grace the walls of this space, illuminating it with a radiant glow.

An element of the night sky

The bedroom of the apartment flows into a darker color palette with the incorporation of deep blue shades into the décor. Shades of brown and beige dominate the interiors of the room, making the blue elements stand out. A beautiful blue panel runs across the ceiling to the wall, giving the space an elegant and stylish look. The architect has also furnished the space with a single seating area, making it a great place to catch up on a novel or magazine.

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A look into the future

The media room of the apartment is designed with a combination of contemporary and futuristic styles. Fashioned with dark shades of blue, the architect has highlighted the design elements of the room with neon blue lighting across the ceiling and on the walls. Striped blue panels occupy half the walls of the room for a movie theatre experience. The architect has furnished the space with comfortable and stylish recliners to make the movie experience the best!

Elegant, different, and stylish – these are the words to describe the style of this gorgeous apartment. If you enjoyed this home tour, have a look at this South Indian home full of surprise!