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Before and After: A radical transformation

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LLIBERÓS SALVADOR Arquitectos 一戸建て住宅
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How can a renovation radically transform the façade of a house without changing its original structure? The answer can be found within this spectacular project by Lliberós Arquitectos, and photographed by Germán Cabo. Developed in 2012, the renovation posed a comprehensive refurbishment and transformation of an old house built in the late ‘70s in Riba-Roja, Valencia. Although the interior was also completely transformed, the great metamorphosis took place in the front of the house, where a conventional front porch was replaced by a stone one. This radically changed the look of the home, giving it a modern country air that hides a functional interior. 

Let's see step by step the startling transformation of this house with a fabulous front veranda!

Before: a conventional porch

Featuring only one floor, this house is spread within a huge garden, with swimming pool that has also undergone a major change during the renovation. Taking a look at the entrance to the house, the porch is a little bland and characterless. In addition, the owners had an idea to expand this space, to make it more spacious and comfortable for everyday use. Their idea was simple: create a terrace overlooking the garden and pool, where you can enjoy the warmth of pleasant summer evenings.

After: the stone porch

The renovation did exactly what was intended: it expanded the porch to the side and consequently also lengthened the roof covering. Thus, the porch transforms from a mere transit space to a comfortable and friendly area to relax and enjoy. In addition, the front entry staircase was also widened, making this more comfortable and functional.

However, the refurbishment went even further. By coating the stone façade and replacing the columns supporting the roof with different timber, the architects achieved a cosy and rustic effect with an increase in the low stone wall within the porch.

Stone and timber…

Looking at the new porch from the side, we are able to see the rustic structural framework in more detail. Additionally, we see that the stone is not the only star of this home transformation. The timber also has an important role: in addition to the columns, a series of wooden beams covers the roof of the porch, in the style of an old village house.

Before: a neglected garden

As we continue to watch the changes that this renovation has undertaken outside of the home, we return back again to check out the garden before it undergoes its transformation. The outdoor space is long and linear. Before the update, there was an area to play basketball, and a pool that is raised slightly from the paved area. The idea was to create a more sophisticated space and modernise the outdoor pool.

Now: a charming garden

Several aspects influence the change seen within the garden space. Firstly, the area has been paved, which was previously just cemented and unattractive. Secondly, the green areas are now bounded by stone, to continue the line marked by the porch. The pool has also changed radically. It is now a stylish and modern design, which is dynamic and fresh, with an altered height that is now gradual and less pronounced.

Before: a slightly disturbing entrance

Travelling back in time to see another picture of the pre-renovated dwelling. What we see is the gateway viewed from the house looking out towards the street. Boasting a very distinctive style common to villas built in the ‘70s, the appearance of the fence looks a bit outdated.

Now: perfect symmetry

In line with the changes made to the porch, the fence has been substantially modified. The home’s appearance is in line with what the architects have created in the rest of the house: stone walls that are simultaneously rustic and elegant. Moreover, the garden has recovered by replanting the lawn, which is now more lively and colourful.

And inside?

We are now leaving the outside area of the house to sneak inside for a peek at some interior rooms. Here, the renovation has been comprehensive, redesigning spaces and creating a more consistent interior with new trends. In the kitchen the change is impressive, offering comfort and making the room more functional. The designers have avoided cramming the space with furniture and instead chosen a white palette for the walls and the joinery. Only the counter, which is a magenta tone, gives a splash of colour to the cooking space.

A bright bathroom

The bathroom is light and well illuminated. The neutral tones utilised are seamless and stylish, which work well to create serenity in conjunction with the use of light coloured joinery. The bathtub area features a window, and has grey and cream tones that are a stark modern trend, adding sleek lines while protecting the wettest area of the room.

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