The classy white bedroom by top London designers

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The white bedroom Aorta the heart of art オリジナルスタイルの 寝室
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A white bedroom is the ideal choice for creating a calm and relaxing environment. While some people may consider white to be a sterile and cold colour choice for a bedroom, mixed together with some great textures and selective colour choices, a white bedroom can create the ultimate snooze space.

Today's brilliant ideabook is brought to us by the brilliant work of Aorta The Heart of the Art who are interior design experts creating inviting and perfectly polished living spaces.

Expanding the space

One of the simplest but most effective uses of white in a bedroom is giving the appearance of more space. It's generally known that light colours make a room look bigger, brighter and more airy and none more so than white. Here it's used to turn what might have been considered a small bedroom into space that can be for much more than sleeping in.

Splashes of colour

Using little splashes of colour against a white background can really bring a contemporary bedroom alive. The contrast not only accentuates the vibrant colour but also adds an extra brightness of the white. Aorta have been very clever with their use of bright colours here, using them sparingly so they really back a punch and add character to the room.

Neutral blue

Light blue neutral tones have also been used here to create a relaxing coastal feeling. The colour is also perfectly complementary to the bright orange cushions and pillows.

Personal elements

Using more personal elements in the room is a great way of keeping a white bedroom from looking sterile and boring. Here, some brilliant invisible bookshelves are used to let the books act as wall decoration and bring some unique character to the room.

Little rustic touches

The handles of the wardrobes here add an extra rustic feel to the smooth glossy finish of the doors, giving a little bit of texture and depth to the room.

Not too bright

The lighting is another key factor in keeping this room from looking welcoming and not off-putting. Well-positioned, recessed ceiling lights provide a soft and filling light as opposed to the blinding white that some larger lamps produce when combined with white.

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