Hygiene in the kitchen: 8 Things to keep in mind


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Hygiene in the kitchen: 8 Things to keep in mind

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Dining is one of the most important part in a household, especially for those who love socializing. Every night, you want to have a nice chat and enjoyable time with your family. Hence, a comfortable and complete kitchen is key to the house. There are in fact many other things to consider when cooking, i.e. the health, hygiene and eating habits. However, the kitchen’s hygiene and scent are often neglected. Sometimes, it is difficult to get rid of the smell of food after cooking, and they end up getting trapped in the room. 

In order to solve this kitchen problem, we have collected 8 solutions to tackle the hygienic issue. Keep reading!

1. Maintain ventilation

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A kitchen's ventilation system has the ability to get rid of odd scents in enclosed environments. However, if you leave it for months and years without cleaning, it will eventually lose its function. Remember that it is important to clean or upgrade your exhaust hood from time to time. You can mix hot water with baking soda, lemon or white vinegar, then use an old toothbrush to clean the hood. Not only will it get rid of the dirt, it is also a more natural and healthy method as it avoids the use of chemicals.

2. Clean dishes with a few fresh flowers

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You can't be lazy when it comes to maintaining a kitchen's hygiene! Wash your used dishes and utensils immediately after dining. Avoid leaving them in the sink for long as it will attract bugs and release smell. In addition, include a few flowers beside the sink to keep the kitchen freshly scented!

3. Recycling: utilize different ingredients to get rid of smell

The best and simplest way to get rid of smells is to release pleasing scents. Here are some suggestions that use food ingredients!

- Cook lemon or orange skin under low heat

- Lay baked coffee beans or coffee grounds flat on surface

- Place cloves in boiling water to cook

Try them out at home!

4. The terrible smell of the fridge

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The smell inside the fridge can be a nightmare. The people who live in the hustling city especially, often forget about their leftovers and leave them in the fridge for weeks. They often won't remember until a strong smell is detected. First, we suggest you not to forget about what food you have in your fridge. But this isn't enough. You have to clean it as well. Afterwards, you can place lemon or herbs to help get rid of the terrible scents!

5. The correct way to clean your chopping board

After cutting onions or garlics, a very strong scent is always left on your chopping board, especially those made of wood. We do not recommend you to use detergents full of chemicals to wash your board. Instead, you can use white vinegar to disinfect and remove the smells.

6. Use sealed plastic storage containers

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By putting herbs into sealed plastic containers, the smells within can be removed. However, if there are still smells after you've washed it, try putting newspaper inside and leave it for a night. They should then disappear!

7. Use stainless steel soap

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Try using stainless steel soap for cleaning! They are made to get rid of strong scents like fish, garlic, onions, etc.

8. Grow scented plants

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If you are a dedicated gardener, you can also grow scented plants such as mint and basil. You can also use them for cooking and add them to your dishes as garnish.

Read more to find out what needs to disappear in your kitchen!

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