10 mini gardens perfect for unused corners (and they look pretty)


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10 mini gardens perfect for unused corners (and they look pretty)

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Opening the doors of your home to mini gardens is never a bad idea, now is it? If you raised your eyebrows wondering where to place them, then worry not for homify has just the thing! Mini gardens can be constructed in almost no time at all with the simplest of all elements. The garden or outside space can be considered to be an extra room in your home. If you design your patio, garden or decked area well enough, you can enjoy the benefits all year around.

This article covers 10 inspiring miniature gardens that you can replicate in your homes. 

1. A simple garden in the patio

The patio of your house can house small pots and seedlings that add color to the region. You can simply remove a couple of tiles from the flooring adding pebbles and soil to it to allow for the growth of seedlings.

2. A curved garden


There is no hard and fast rule that specifies the shape of your garden. So be sure to bend and break the preconceived notions about gardens that you might have! Go for a curved border such as this one with rocks and plants within.

3. A corner garden


A corner garden resting upon the lawn is also a great idea to explore. With palm trees as accompaniment and grass you can make a neat little nook.

4. Different landscapes for the garden


Mixing and matching elements never failed anyone, which is why the same can be applied to your garden! From shrubs to flowers varying in different colors and shapes, you can mix and match just about anything.

5. An inner garden with a stone base

A garden can also be placed in the corners of your home instead of simply letting the space go to waste. Add in trees, shrubs, or any kind of grass to light up the area.

6. A stone garden

Well, stone gardens too count as gardens if you didn't already know! How about adding varied stones to the garden? You can experiment with colors, shapes, sizes and just about anything else you can think of!

7. A garden with a bed of pebbles

Make abed of pebbles or smaller sized rocks upon which you can place flower pots. This makes for a contrasting duo of hues that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

8. A flowerbed with stone base

You could also make a flower bed with a slab of marble or granite as it's base. Simply place your flower pots on this foundation and enjoy all that your mini garden has to offer you.

9. A corner garden with a base of soil


Revisiting the fundamentals is this simple garden. It consists of a base made of gravel and soil which give rise to flowers as well as shrubs and grass.

10. A dwarf tree for the garden

This garden rests on a platter of pebbles of varied hues. The central element is the dwarf tree, however the greenery elements added on the shelves complete this picture.

More inspiration is just around the corner, with this lovely ideabook.

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