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A tour of an enchanting two-storey house

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Ana Crivellaro 一戸建て住宅 レンガ 灰色
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Often the house does not have to be anything out of the ordinary to delight you. The personal details and the right choices can make your home super stylish. Below we will show you a townhouse that has the charms to enchant you at first sight. It is a complete tour which will take you through all the rooms of this building including the bedrooms and bathrooms. It will surely inspire you to transform yours with a lot of modernity.

1. Facade

The facade is kept simple, sober, and elegant. You will be amazed at its beautiful surroundings, that will inspire you to make your own home following this design.

2. TV room

This home-theater style TV room is located at the top of the house. It boasts acoustic comfort and efficiency along with aesthetics. For acoustics, the wooden slat panel was used in two areas which are at the bottom of the TV and also behind the sofa. The comfort is on the Italian leather sofa with reclining backrest and retractable seat. On the other side, a set of mirrors widens the space and brings more sophistication to the environment. The ambient lighting is diverse, with led strips on the black panel.

3. Office

Still on the top of the house where a small and straightforward office has been integrated along with the home theater. Not being close to any room, it functions as a neutral zone of studies or works for parents and children.

4. Double bedroom

For this double bedroom soft textures and light colors have been used. Behind the upholstered headboard is a contrast of textures, with a striped wallpaper. Also, on the sides, we have columns in brilliant lacquer. Here the straight lines were softened with more classic style handles. Just like the chandelier and the lamps, it gives a unique and delicate charm to the whole place.

5. Room details

Delving into the details, we arrived at the entrance of the couple's room. On the side of the wardrobe, which faces the entrance door, niches with led lighting and mirror background were created. This effect gives a better finish to the cabinet and makes the entrance of the suite more charming.

6. Vintage furniture

In the same room, vintage furniture of sentimental value to the owners was used in its decoration. It was beautifully restored and set within the place. It also keeps up with the rest of the decor.

7. Master bathroom

The master bathroom is bright and clean. It is lined with white walls that follow the same style of flooring. The lighting is made in two ways including led strip for indirect or relaxing ambiance. Along with direct lights in specific areas of bath or sink countertop.

8. Children's room

The method is to have furniture at the height of a child's eyes to stimulate learning, integration, and independence. The style is modern with classic details such as the frame on the wardrobe doors and the delicate dressing table. The blend of colors makes the environment more joyful and stimulating, which is perfect for children.

9. Bed

In this photo, we see the detail of a kids bed. It has the right height for the child to climb and descend from it without getting hurt. The vibrant and fun colors of the bed help to stimulate the child visually. In addition, it brings a soft touch to the room.

10. Children's bathroom

The child's bathroom has romantic details. Here we can see the coating with texture and indirect lighting to enhance the ripples. The furniture suspended on the bench allows better use of space and prevents specific personal utensils from being exposed. A niche illuminated with led was created for embellishments or storage.

11. Ladder

From this staircase with marble finish, we can go down to the first floor, which is the social level of the house.

12. Toilet

Elegant is the word we can use to describe the toilet. There is a beautiful panel with a set of mirrors that helps to broaden the environment. For more luxury, the sink countertop is made of brown marble, and the front mirror frame has a classic look.

13. Living room

In the living room, we can see the mix of styles. Once again the led appears for indirect lighting on the panel behind the television. With straight lines, the board contrasts with the large comfortable chairs, reminiscent of the classic. This game of styles brings visual balance and harmony to the design. Also, it leaves the room with a more sophisticated air.

14. Dining room

The dining room is integrated with the living room and kitchen. Here the table, chairs, and even the ornament flowers are white. The chandelier looks modern and makes everything more beautiful.

15. Kitchen

The kitchen is all white and has a textured coating on one wall. Below the top cabinets, there is an led lighting ribbon for the work area. The glass, used in furniture doors, helps to provoke textures while maintaining monochrome.

16. Laundry

The laundry is also a precise setting, but not all white. Here lighter colors help extend the space. Everything needed is designed with a little decorative touch. For example the flowers on the counter.

17. Recreation area

This space is the heart of the house when guests are invited. The garage has been renovated and transformed into a multi-functional space. In addition to being a garage, it is also a barbecue and party room. The tones are sober, and the decor follows the same style with some contrast.

18. Gourmet space

This is a perfect place for parties and is called gourmet space. It has space for cooking, barbecuing, drinking and chatting with friends. Also, you can enjoy having meals on the black granite countertop.

19. Garage and leisure

Here we can see more of the leisure space, which also doubles as a garage. One can even notice that to have meals, besides the countertop, a large rustic table has been included that resembles a barbecue.

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