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25 great ideas for your shower

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So you're thinking about upgrading your bathroom, but are in the need of modern shower ideas that are sure to enhance your ablution facility, regardless of its size. Well, homify is the right place to find all that information, with 25 helpful hints and tips to upgrade your bathroom and shower ideas, perfect for the contemporary homeowner that just wants to come home to a relaxing modern shower that is relaxing and inviting. Let's see how this feature will inspire your bathroom renovation!

1. Stone wall

Stone walls are one of those attractive shower tile ideas to enhance a modern shower.

​2. Fancy lighting

A modern shower needs to be decorated with sleek fixtures and eye-catching illumination.

3. Transparency

A mini shower can be exaggerated by including gorgeous glazed doors.

4. Fascinating natural stone

Choose a grey marble shower tile as one of those ideas to suit your luxurious lifestyle. This one even includes a bench to relax and unwind while you take in the steam.

5. Natural stone

Here's another example of a mini shower, the natural stone floor is simple and stunning.

6. Grand shower

If your bathroom is spacious, then opt for a lovely large shower and include magnificent mosaic tile ideas to decorate the entire wall.

7. Under the slope

Shower ideas need to be tailor made to suit a bathroom, this one works with the slop of the ceiling.

8. Niches

Hanging baskets for your shampoo can look unsightly, opt for these niches instead and add modern bathroom shower ideas to an outdated design.

​9. Decoration

Enhance a large niche in your modern shower by including a sleek mirror and enhance the space, especially when you have a mini shower.

10. Stone from head to toe

Natural stone, lovely light and water will have that stunning effect on the sense. How's this for shower tile ideas that are grand and gorgeous?

11. Ceramics

The large-format of the ceramic plates create a statement in this shower. The neutral shades are awesome and trendy enough for bathroom shower ideas that add fancy to a space.

12. Walk-in shower

An innovative wall drainage design allows a shower in the passage area. The water jets located on either side are refreshing and revitalising.

13. Round shower

Go for a round shower with glazing instead of a shower curtain.

14. Disco feel

mori 洗面所&風呂&トイレバスタブ&シャワー

How about glass mosaic tiles to decorate your mini shower? Definitely different and dynamic!

15. Modern concrete look

Skandinavisch Einrichten in einem alten Holzhaus in Tallinn Baltic Design Shop 北欧スタイルの お風呂・バスルーム コンクリート 灰色
Baltic Design Shop

Skandinavisch Einrichten in einem alten Holzhaus in Tallinn

Baltic Design Shop

Small hexagonal floor tiles adorn this bathroom floor, which seamlessly transitions into the shower area. The concrete wall creates an exciting contrast to the wooden fixtures and furnishings.

16. Separated shower

The modern shower is delimited with a semi-high wall and glass pane from the entrance of the bathroom. The entire bathroom is decorated in black and white, while green adds a fresh touch.

17. Colorful shower wall

This is another example of a walk-in shower, its focal wall is decorated in a sensational shade of red.

18. Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are not one of those new shower tile ideas, but it's no doubt a classic option that is simple too.

19. Corner shower

A shower located in the corner, means a bench can be integrated into the design.

​20. Floor-level shower

Floor-level showers are a design trend rarely used today. But, this option allows the shower to be located in the middle of the room without worrying about drainage and damp.

21. Tile ideas

Shower tile ideas should create contrasts that enhance and upgrade a bathroom.

22. Open and honest

An open shower is a great alternative if you don't want to limit the bathroom layout.

23. Another slope

This sloped ceiling shows that you don't need to forget about converting that attic into a usable modern shower, with these shower ideas.

24. Double shower

You may not think a double shower is ideal for your home, but any couple knows just how difficult it is to wait on each other to finish in the shower. Think of this as one of those bathroom shower ideas to consider in your next upgrade.

25. Creative space

The final shower ideas feature we look at has an artistic element that is cute and quirky too. The colourful mosaic wall is different and contrasting against the white walls. Here are 10 cladding ideas for bathrooms.

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