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How much does it cost to install a patio?

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Lots of people daydream about sprucing up their outdoor area and more often than not, those dreams include adding a stylish patio. This add-on is definitely a great choice for entertaining, socializing, and also enhancing your homes beauty. However, the first question that comes to mind is regarding the patio cost. This issue can only be answered by calculating all the associated costs before estimating the final price tag. 

So in case you are trying to figure out how much should it be to lay a patio, then here is an in-depth article that can help you come up with an approximate price.

1. Cost affecting factors

The answer for “how much to lay a patio” differs from company to company. It also depends on the kind of materials you plan on using. Apart from this, the design element of your patio or garden also plays a significant role in narrowing down the actual figure. To make the most out of this situation allow our professionals which include interior designer, architects, gardeners, lighting experts, extra to help you conjure the house of your dreams.

2. Tips for hiring the right company

There's an entire world of experts that can help you achieve the exterior look that you desire. However, in your quest of finding the perfect person to build your patio, be sure to look for someone who can at least do the basics like:

Dig out the existing patio or garden 

Lay down the topsoil and the new turf based on the area specifications 

Compact the foundations 

Align any shrubbery or hedges 

You must also check and individuals references before hiring.

3. Cost of laying a patio

When it comes to patio material, there are various options to help you beautify the space including paving, stone flagging, and wooden planks. Your choice of material, as well as your final design, will also influence your patios cost. 

The patio cost per-square meter can also vary depending on different constructional companies, as the more experienced constructors will always charge you a bit more. However, this is also a safer bet because you will be assured of the quality of the construction.

Here is a rough estimate for a standard patio construction: 

Manufactured Square Flags: C$6.00 (Price per m²); C$1,670.00 (Price for materials + labor for a 30 m² patio).   

Stone-Style Paving: C$22.00 (Price per m²); C$2,200.00 (Price for materials + labor for a 30 m² patio).    

Sandstone Flags: C$24.00 (Price per m²); C$2,350.00 (Price for materials + labor for a 30 m² patio).    

High-Quality Textured Flags: C$32.00 (Price per m²); C$2,900.00 (Price for materials + labor for a 30 m² patio).

4. Which patio material to choose: Wood

Wood is a fantastic option when it comes to building a deck and can be installed way quicker than any other material. But even though the costs are relatively cheap wood requires a lot of maintenance to ensure it does not rot or get damaged by the sun. It is also important to remember that building a covered patio costs much more than ordinary ones, as it will require an elevated slab and roof to be constructed.

5. Which patio material to choose: Natural stone or Flag stone

Natural stones are available in many different types these days such as flagstone, slate, bluestone, and limestone. The only drawback of using this material is that natural stones cost more to install. This is because the laying-down process takes longer, the material is much more scares, and even harder to construct. However, there is no comparison of a beautiful designed stone patio.

6. Which patio material to choose: Brick

Out of all the different choices that you might have bricks are usually the least popular as many maintenance issues might occur. Bricks also tend to crack in extremely cold weather and are prone to moss in shady areas. Also, patio bricks cost much more than concrete patios. However, a concrete patio has a tendency to crack whereas bricks are much more submissive in general.

7. Which patio material to choose: Paving

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Chelsea Creek – copyright St George Plc


Paving your patio can offer many advantages. The most important one being that all of them are of the same thickness which makes the overall laying-down process much easier. Apart from this paving is also available in different shapes, colors, and patterns.

If you like experimenting or are a DIYer, then you can also attempt to cut the paving in your own unique ways. Laying a patio yourself will also cut back substantially on the paving costs. Another thing about paving is that you can extend your patio where ever you want at a relatively small extension cost. Always remember that patio tile installation costs vary depending on the type, color, and pattern you pick.

8. Patio cleaning tips

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Terrace with furniture

Gardenplan Design

Everything is not done and dusted even after the new patio has been constructed. Another thing to remember is maintaining it well. Most construction companies will clean your patio for the first time without additional cost, there after it is all up to you. The best way to save money on patio cleaning is by investing in your own pressure washer. With a pressure washer, you will not only save time and water but will also be able to keep your family and pets away from harmful chemicals.

However, you should always opt for specially formulated cleaning solutions which are eco-friendly and safe for pets. One should also wear protective gear like clothing, gloves, and goggles. Also, remember to cover any nearby plants with plastic sheeting so that they are not killed off by the cleaning solution.

For more tips check out our ideabooks

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