7 questions you need to ask when hiring a plumber


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7 questions you need to ask when hiring a plumber

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Regardless of whether you want a total bathroom fit-out or merely need your kitchen tap looking at, there are a few pertinent questions that you absolutely HAVE to ask your potential plumber. Think of it this way; you wouldn't buy a car without knowing everything about it and what guarantees are in place, would you? The same goes for your plumbing as well and we want you to feel totally prepared for every eventuality, which is why we've put together this handy go-to list of must-ask questions. Bookmark this article and refer back when you need to hire a plumber, and you'll have nothing to worry about!

1. Are you licensed?

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This should be your first question! Only hire licensed plumbers, as that will give you a course of action if they complete work that you find unsatisfactory. Unlicensed people might be cheaper, but the chances are, the work will be sub-par as well. 

2. What's the total cost?

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Most plumbers will drop by to give you a free estimate, but that's exactly what it is; an ESTIMATE. Before any work is carried out, you need a comprehensive and total breakdown of the cost, as if you simply take the estimate at face value and then more problems are discovered, your price will significantly increase. A fixed-rate contract is best!

3. Do you charge by the hour or by the job?

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William Holland

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Understanding your bill is critical, so find out whether labour is charged at a flat-rate or by the hour. It will give you an insight into how fast or efficiently your plumbing team might like to be and again, this is why a fixed-rate contract is best, as they will want to get finished as quickly as possibly, to get to the next job!

4. When will payment be due?

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Will you be expected to pay a deposit, upfront? Is payment needed as soon as the job is finished? Will you get 30 days to pay? These are all possibilities and you need to know, ahead of time, to avoid embarrassing conversations! Don;t forget to get a receipt as well!

5. Who will be doing the work?

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Research + Design

A lot of tradesmen have teams of sub-contractors that actually complete work for them, under  their company name, so be sure that you know exactly who will be entering your home and carrying out the work for you. Make sure that every individual is licensed as well!

6. How tidy are you?

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This might seem like a superficial question, but you wouldn't believe what a huge impact untidy tradesmen can have on your home! You need to still be able to use all of your spaces, without work impacting too greatly, so a tidy work ethic is VITAL! This is where references will come in super handy!

7. What happens if something breaks?

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With your work completed, there is one thing you need, for absolute peace of mind and that's a guarantee! Whether you get a warranty for the work carried out or a written guarantee, you need something that will confirm that if anything goes wrong, it will be sorted, for free. It's just common sense!

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