11 ideas to separate spaces in style


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11 ideas to separate spaces in style

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Designate space in a modern and open plan home with easy dividers. In this homify feature we look at 11 fantastic ideas to enhance decor and separate a large room too. This decor option can be used for the bedroom, living room, open plan design or to add a fantastic feature to your bathroom. Let's have a look at some of the amazing hints and tips in this article for inspiration. 

1. Glazed door

A glass door is just enough for privacy in an open plan living space, a sliding door effortlessly designates space without impacting on the layout.

2. Young branches

Dry the branches leftover from pruning and use them as a fancy divider in the bathroom.

3. Grace of curtains

Opt for flowing curtains in a wide room and enhance that tropical decor.

4. Privacy

Hide your curtains behind wooden horizontal slats for further privacy.

5. Half the wall

A half wall separates a living room without making it seem smaller and cramped.

6. Isolated


Use glass to separate the kitchen from the dining room and you won't have an odours wafting through your home.

7. Glass and wood

Combine glass and wood for an elegant and sophisticated design.

8. Frosted glass

Opaque sliding doors are versatile, private and modern.

9. Feminine touch

Include a feminine touch with floral wallpaper and pink hued detail. 

10. TV on a thin wall

Use a discreet and thin wall to house the TV in your semi-open plan living room. 

11. Four-poster with curtains

A four-poster bed will have a hotel-inspired decor with these flowing curtains on either side. How about these 15 living rooms with stone walls you'll adore?

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