5 rustic and refreshing two-storey homes


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5 rustic and refreshing two-storey homes

Irene Curtis – homify Irene Curtis – homify
太陽と棲む建築士の自邸: 株式会社 建築工房零が手掛けた家です。
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The small two-storey house is one of the most popular home design of all time. Why does everyone fall in love with little houses? Today, we have five types of compact abodes to show you from Zero Craft, a home builder from Japan.

A compact home has many advantages. Construction is easier and cheaper, and the design makes it easier to maintain. And with the receiving area situated on the ground floor and the private living areas upstairs, the two-floor design also offers comfort and privacy. As such, the two-storey house is considered the top choice for small families of up to five members.

Click on the photos below for more interior shots to see which two-floor design suits you best.

​1. Classic cream model

自然の中でイキイキと佇む: 株式会社 建築工房零が手掛けた家です。
株式会社 建築工房零


株式会社 建築工房零

Let’s start with the classic cream house model. With its simple and clean design, this is a home that would not be too difficult to build. See how the large glass panel doors and windows enhance the airiness of this modest home? That’s one really great idea to follow!

​2. Beautiful balcony home

懐かしい未来を感じさせる外観デザイン: 株式会社 建築工房零が手掛けた家です。
株式会社 建築工房零


株式会社 建築工房零

This perfectly rectangular house immediately makes you feel right at home at first sight. Straight brown wood used to build both the porch and upper balcony gives it a distinctive look. The interiors boast a contemporary Japanese style, while sunshine streams in through glass roof panels that also cover the path to the garden.

​3. Pretty blue abode

自然に溶け込む濃いブルーの外観: 株式会社 建築工房零が手掛けた家です。
株式会社 建築工房零


株式会社 建築工房零

This particular blue shade evokes a strong sense of calm and peace. If you’re building a two-storey house, then this beautiful colour is a perfect choice. Outside, the seamless façade and cool monotony is broken by a striking, second-floor wood balcony. Inside, it’s a whole different story. For those who love to come home to an airy and stylishly immaculate space, better click on the photo now to get great ideas.

​4. Dark family residence

南に大きく開き自然を取り込む: 株式会社 建築工房零が手掛けた家です。
株式会社 建築工房零


株式会社 建築工房零

This modern shed-inspired house is a warm family home to a couple and their three young sons who, of course, have their own private spaces. There is also a common area where the whole family enjoys activities together during the day. Despite what it seems from the outside, the interior is spacious with lots of streaming natural light. Click on the photo now to see.

​5. White house with timber interiors

太陽の光が室内中に行きわたる片流れ屋根の住まい: 株式会社 建築工房零が手掛けた家です。
株式会社 建築工房零


株式会社 建築工房零

White with light wood – the perfect design makeup for any home. This white house is perched on a longitudinal area, making the structure look narrow. But the interior, decorated with natural light timber, is wide, attractive and extremely liveable – thanks to an open floor plan and smart arrangement that lent this space an airy, comfortable ambiance.

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