12 spaces in your home that you probably forgot about


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12 spaces in your home that you probably forgot about

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Living in a cluttered home is no joke. And although there exists many ways of adding new space (either for storage or living), a lot of them involves builders and big budgets.

That’s why we sought out a few extra-space ideas that might exist right under your nose (or above your head) that you forgot were there…

1. Your attic or ceiling space – how cute is this little cupboard/stepladder?

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Collective Works

Nursery Storage

Collective Works

2. Got high ceilings? Think there’s enough room to add a loft?

3. What’s currently underneath your staircase?

4. Ever considered using a wall niche for, say, a kitchen sink?

5. This built platform ensured lots of extra (underfloor)space for this bedroom!

6. A smidgen of cabinet space was all that was needed for this wine rack – genius!

7. Look how clever these overhead storage bins frame the entryway.

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8. Empty corners do not belong in a kitchen. How about adding in an extra storage cabinet?

9. Who needs a headboard when you can add some floating shelves above your bed?

10. Who knew an attic corner could be turned into a dressing room?

11. If need be, you can always close up a window and opt for a full-wall bookcase.

12. We’re sure your garage has some wall (or floor) space that can help out with storage?


An Extraordinary Garage Makever with wall cabinets and bike storage


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