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Awesome Xmas gifts for grown up kids

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It’s that time of year again, and regardless of how old you are, Christmas will always be a time of excitement and joy. However, when you have adult children, candy, toys and Christmas stockings will no longer do the trick. Understandably you'll still want to give them something they will enjoy and get excited about, but finding a gift like this for adults can be a bit trickier than for children. 

So for this Christmas, why not rather think of gifts that will make your adult children's lives easier, more productive or that will save them money? Most grown-ups will surely be much more thrilled by this prospect than useless gadgets or poorly-suited clothes. 

Fortunately there are many products on homify you can use as inspiration and guidance for finding just the right item for your children that will enhance their lives, but that they would not necessarily have thought of buying for themselves. Let's take a look at a few of these!

Office isolator

We're still at the home (office) and we have another great gift idea when it comes to this. When someone works from home or needs to do any work at home, it can be difficult to concentrate with the entire family around or in less-than peaceful environments. For others it is simply difficult to concentrate when a window alone can provide hours of distraction.

We have all fallen prey to procrastination, but now you can give your adult child the gift of productivity. An office isolator such as this will allow for him or her to create an isolated and productive space wherever they find themselves. This will be a useful gift indeed. 

Productive office table




In this day and age, home and office life are becoming more and more integrated and it gets harder to separate the two. There is a good chance that if anyone is not working from home full time, that they also have a home office or take work home often. This is thus a great opportunity to make your grown-up child's life a lot easier!

There are many innovative home office solutions available, but the best is probably the simplest. A multi-functional office table is an all-in-one option to streamline your life and to promote productivity. Products such as the office table pictured here allows for smart storage, easy access to energy sources, and a clean worktop and working environment. You cannot go wrong!

Balance ball

A balance ball is not a new innovation, but it is a product that has not lost its appeal. A balance ball is a useful instrument in fitness training, balance improvement and flexibility exercises. With its many benefits, a balance ball is still not something many people would think of buying for themselves.

This is where you come in! Buying one of these versatile instruments for your child will provide them with a great exercise option which they can utilise in the comfort of their own home. Another pro of this gift is that it is easy to store and deflate or inflate. It is something that does not need to take up a lot of space or maintenance, yet completely functional. Let's not forget, a balance ball can also be heaps of fun!

Bicycle holder

Cycling has gained huge popularity over the last couple of years and has almost become synonymous with urban life. The problem with this, however, is that when you live in the city, you often times have no space to safely store your cycle when not in use. Since people like to invest in high quality bicycles, they will need suitable storage options, best of which is inside the home where it will be safest. 

Whether your son or daughter is a cycling enthusiast or a casual rider, they will surely be able to make use of a neat and compact bicycle holder (pictured). This simple solution may save the much trouble and worry, and they will be ever grateful for your clever and useful gift. 

A green interior

Plants are certainly a familiar favourite when it comes to giving gifts to adults. Some people may not be as good in taking care of said plants, however. Yet, the beauty and health benefits of having indoor vegetation are incomparable. A good alternative can be to look at low maintenance plants that still provide that natural aesthetic without requiring much attentions, such as succulents. 

Why not take things a step further when it comes to gift-giving for your children? Think of innovative adaptations of conventional pot plants that can give a little extra. For example, look at this beautiful mural display of low maintenance greenery from Adventive.  

Lego storage

Storage is the one need that will always be with us, and storage solutions will always be welcomed. When thinking of giving a storage unit as a Christmas gift, though, you may want to spice things up a little. It is good to know that there are a multitude of interesting options available in order for you to find just the one your child would love. This Lego storage unit is a great way to go – it's fun, practical, and you can always add another one!

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