20 houses with antique style living spaces


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20 houses with antique style living spaces

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What does your home say about you?

Some people like to have the most up to date technology in their homes. Others opt for slick Scandinavian vibes. However,  many more people go gaga for eclectic antique interiors – they just never go out of style.

Vintage design schemes aren't just for fuddy duddies. Designing a home that incorporates elements of the past in a stylish and up to date way is no easy feat – just ask any professional! However, it can be done, and it's easier than you think. Check out these 20 vintage style living rooms and discover the beauty of antique chic for yourself.

1. This open plan vintage space takes influence from 1930's resort and yacht design

2. This wooden wonderland might look modern, but that's a mid-century sofa we spy there!

3. Sometimes, all you need to slip a bit of the past into your home are some strong old-fashioned ceiling beams


4. Antiques don't have to be overt. Sneak a little bit of the past into your home by using reclaimed wood.

5. Japanese retro style at its finest – just check out that Tatami mat!

6. Dark wood is a sure fire way to create a moody, 19th century aesthetic.

7. Traditional Asian home design requires wood, wood, and more wood! Find those planks and start building…

8. A subway tile kitchen island is the perfect way to bring a little retro Parisian chic into your home

9. Terracotta and plaster features are rustic in a charming, old-fashioned way

10. Groovy. baby! This 1960's style home is full of simple shapes and subtle retro touches

11. A mixture of patterns, textiles and motifs keeps this house looking fresh and modern, even though many pieces of furniture are from the past

house-05: dwarfが手掛けたリビングです。

12. Choose furniture with a story. The antique chest and dining set featured in this room are so intriguing

13. Brown is the ultimate antique colour. Make sure any leather upholstery is in this shade for maximum authenticity

14. This open plan kitchen and dinig space has more than a hint of traditional Scandinavian design about it…

15. Use pine for a retro, mid 1980s look in your living room

16. Create cosiness with a cafe style kitchen and dining room. Just don't forget that antique chandelier!

17. Don't go shabby – keep your retro home looking clean and well-presented by choosing neat, minimal furniture designs from the 50's and 60's

18. Persian rugs are a perennial – they'll never go out of style

HOUSE02: dwarfが手掛けたリビングです。

19. Scuffed brickwork makes any home look a little bit older!

house-01: dwarfが手掛けたダイニングです。

20. Finally, you can't beat a solid, polished wooden floor for that classic antique look in your home.

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