11 interiors that you'll both love and hate


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11 interiors that you'll both love and hate

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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If you adore all things eclectic, quirky and crazy, then this homify decor feature is perfect for you and those out-of-the-ordinary ideas you always seem to have. The team of interior designers ensured that this article is filled with hints and tips that will decorate your space with drama and creativity in mind. So whether you adore the sleek and stylish or something eye-catching and bold, these 11 ridiculous interiors may appeal to you, or just shock your guests. Let's take a look!

1. Waterfalls

Imagine stepping into a bathroom with waterfall decor flooring? You might just be amazed by the creative element which can be recreated in your own space.

2. Play time

Dolphins and marine animals are an essential to make bath time easier for your kids.

3. Height illusion

This bathroom floor is definitely a shocking choice for an awe-inspiring modern home!

4. Winding staircase

Quirke McNamaraが手掛けた廊下 & 玄関

All-white design and whimsical winding design, now that's a contemporary choice.

5. LED madness

Quirke McNamaraが手掛けた浴室

The electric blue LED lighting of this sophisticated bathroom adds to the statement-making decor.

6. Disco bedroom

Another electrifying LED blue light decor, but this lights up a luxurious bedroom instead.

7. Living room


A bit of a nerd or computer nut? Then consider a vibrant blue wallpaper and bring your binary to life.

8. Tea time table

Opt for upcycled furniture to decorate your living room or patio and always be ready for afternoon tea.

9. Dynamic seating

These colourful blocks create attractive seating in your home, but they double up as simple storage too.

10. What the bench

This wooden bench might seem like a random combination of items and materials, but the end result will make any minimalist living room or terrace look awesome.

11. Is this a chair?

We're as dumbstruck as you, but yes these 3D pieces are in fact adorable seats for your modern home. Have a look at these: 8 ideas to easily transform your corridor or entrance

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