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Modern simplicity: The ultimate one-storey home

April Kennedy April Kennedy
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Today we will delve into the very private interior of a Japanese home without a single outward-facing window. It has an incredibly simple, flat box-like shape and, as some readers may have guessed, a Japanese home like this with a windowless facade always has a fabulous inner courtyard.

The architects Little Nest Works have created the single-family dwelling that measures a modest 116.76sqm on a site of 992.16sqm. It has a galvalume steel plate exterior wall, a reinforced concrete solid base foundation and a thermal entrance door. Quite simply, it's just about as solid a home as you can get!

So let's take a very exclusive tour of this very private abode…

Minimalist facade

The windowless facade is composed of two volumes with flat roofs. The vertical structure envelops the horizontal volume at a slight distance so as to create space for a very private entrance area. It's an ingenious minimalist home design.

Fabulous exterior lighting

At night, the relationship between the two volumes is beautifully highlighted with light. The light emanates from the entrance area and pools outwards to create a diffuse and elegant play of light. The surrounding area has yet to be landscaped, but we already get a good sense of the elegant simplicity of the dwelling.

Minimalist entrance

The home entrance is always an important part of a Japanese home, and here we have a separate hallway with a large wooden area for storing shoes. The real heart of the home lies in the inner sanctum, so just note of the dark ochre feature wall and recessed ceiling light before we move on…

Minimalist white kitchen island

ダイニング・キッチン モダンな キッチン の LITTLE NEST WORKS モダン タイル



The minimalist white kitchen is a splendid example of modernism. There is a false ceiling in the shape of a square that creates diffuse lines of sight. These lines gently illuminate the shape of the room and accentuate the symmetry between the kitchen and the two spaces on either side. The kitchen is simply composed of an oversized kitchen island and some storage units hidden behind white handeless cupboards. The kitchen is so neutral and minimalist that it barely registers as a separate area of the home.

Sunken floor and inner courtyard

玄関ホール モダンスタイルの 玄関&廊下&階段 の LITTLE NEST WORKS モダン タイル



Small shifts in the floor level are often used in Japanese homes to create a barrier between one living space and another. In a minimalist home like this, the basic elements are really thrown into focus. So we find ourselves drawn to the elegance of the narrow doorway to the right and the appealing symmetry of the courtyard. Finally, this is a home with a few surprises too. Check out that modern chandelier!

Extremely streamlined little bathroom

We love this smart little bathroom. Granted, it's not the best photo, but there is no denying the efficient use of space. In a small bathroom, it's often a good idea to combine a top-mounted wash basin with a bench style support like this. The black narrow countertop runs the length of the room to create a streamlined look. It also runs quite close to the toilet. Finally, note how the wall is set forward a little from the window at the rear. This creates a well of light during daylight hours. It also creates unparalleled privacy.

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