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Taste the Mediterranean flavour at home

Beth Cochrane Beth Cochrane
Abwarten! 地中海デザインの キッチン
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Perhaps you've recently been on holiday to the Mediterranean, basked in the warm sunshine and swam in that gorgeous blue sea. Maybe at some point in your life you've island hopped in Greece, seen the white homes of Santorini and thought you could never come back to Britain. Those Mediterranean countries were simply too beautiful to leave. Alas, your life has called you home and it's back to Britain (or wherever home is), and back to every day life.

So why not take a little piece of the Mediterranean home with you? Take the inspiration you felt when your toes were buried in the white beach of your holiday and carry it home. There are so many ways you can inject some Mediterranean vibe into your home: altering the colour scheme or even just adding a few inspired accessories. 

Let's take a more in depth look!

Neutral building blocks

Neutral colours on the walls and roofs is a very stereotypical Mediterranean design. Lighter brick or stone tones on the house means the sun will be reflected away from your home, allowing it to be a few degrees cooler. Perhaps your home isn't in a location where you have to worry about overheating, though. But that doesn't matter; this design looks fabulous, as well as being practical. Take those lighter colours and feel inspired by the sun of the Mediterranean; show of your house in cool shades of cream and white. This may not suit the build of your house, and if not, there are many other ideas you can use instead. 

Wood & wrought iron furniture

Once you're thinking about the interior of your house, so many options open up to make it feel more Mediterranean. Furniture, for example: there are so many types which inspire those sunshine vibes that you felt all through you holiday. Wood and wrought iron furniture are traditional materials used in the Mediterranean for indoor furniture, as you can see in the image above. The combination of the two materials complement one another perfectly, with the white painted wood and iron of the table and chair set working in harmony with the natural toned wood standing to the side.

Seaside vibes

Adding paintings or pictures of the sea can be one of the simplest ways to bring the Mediterranean into your home. Even photographs that you snapped on your own holiday can be framed or blown up to suit your decorating purposes.

These images of white sands, beach umbrellas and sunshine sparkling sea will immediately bring you and your guests to think of lands far away, where life is at a slower pace and the sun welcomes you awake each morning. The above example has two lovely pictures of the sea, with one taken from the deck of a boat and the other featuring the boat out at sea. 

All natural

Accessories and other decorative features which are made from natural materials can be another worthwhile investment in bringing a Mediterranean vibe to your home. From styled driftwood to beaten leather, almost anything could become an extra accessory in your quest for the Mediterranean in your own home.

The above example is a rather interesting idea, with a carved wooden trident painted and hung on the wall. It's certainly different, and you should take the notion of this creativity and use it in your home too. Don't be afraid to get inventive! 

A tiled floor

Tiled floors are another way to keep your home cool in the summer months, when the sun beats its way indoors and floods your house. A tiled floor keeps the air around it cooler, reflecting the sun's rays back. And tiles comes in so many colours and pattern, you will be absolutely spoiled for choice. In the above image we see a lovely green, blue and cream tile pattern, with the green really giving this floor a unique feel. Black and white checkered floor tiles are also quite common; simple and effective. 


Using different textures within the design of your home is a distinctly Mediterranean thing to do. The above image contrasts the natural brick stone wall with the wooden staircase and floor, as well as the black iron of the hand rail which leads the way upstairs. These three materials complement one another beautifully, as they would have to, being combined together in such a small space within the house. You can take these ideas and perhaps introduce more materials, although brick and wood are perhaps the most common ones to use together. 

Unique accessories

Colourful and handmade accessories not only could make your home feel more Mediterranean, but also give it a distinctly unique design. You know that no one else will have those exact accessories as you do, as you crafted them with your own two hands. This is such a lovely contrast to the things we usually go out and buy; the mass produced home accessories which can be seen up and down the country. Make your accessories and bright and colourful as you like, as flourishes of colour in an otherwise relatively neutral coloured home is a traditionally Mediterranean design technique. 

Mediterranean flowers

Mediterranean plants can be used both inside and outside your home. Whether in the garden or in the interior space, Mediterranean plants give that wonderful, natural vibe that you found for yourself in the garden on holiday. They can be lovely accessories for the inside of your home; winding down from a higher position in the room or sprouting up from a painted pot in the corner.

And in the garden, do some research before going out and buying the plants you want. Make sure they're suited to the terrain of your garden, and the weather conditions at that present season. Plants can be a great addition to the home, but only if they're really flourishing. 

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