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Why you should own a sauna

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Saunas have a long and well known history, having been used by Nordic countries, in particular Finland, for many centuries. Their therapeutic properties are many, and they are known to help cleanse the body as well as the mind. Outside of Scandinavian countries, saunas are seen as somewhat of a luxurious item, reserved for wellness clinics, spas, or for the homes of the wealthy. However, a sauna at home might be more affordable than you think. They can be installed as an individual unit in your garden, or can even be incorporated into the shower of your bathroom.

The feeling of a deep sweat is one that is hard to beat. Not only for its health benefits, but also as a means of social interaction, and because of its cultural significance. Some Finnish women still to this day give birth to their children in a sauna, and the sauna forms part of many old Finnish folk tales.

Today, we want to present to you the benefits of using a sauna on your health, and show you how this feeling can be attained, bringing the cleansing feeling into your home bought on by time spent in a sauna.

Saunas relieve stress

One of the most beneficial reasons for using a sauna is its ability to relieve stress. When we sweat, endorphins (the body's feel-good chemicals) are released, providing you with that renowned after sauna glow. Stress has such a huge impact on our lives and on our health, with stress being the trigger for many physical and mental conditions. The heat from the sauna relaxes the muscles and improves circulation; two things our bodies need to relax.

Flush toxins

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Another benefit on the rather long list of advantages of a sauna is the aid in flushing toxins from our systems. By causing the body's core temperature to rise, toxins such as mercury, copper and zinc are expelled through the pores. Detoxifying the body can be done in a number of ways, but it's well known that a sauna is the most effective way to rid our bodies of all the nasties of modern life.

Help induce sleep

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As well as these highly beneficial reasons to run straight for the sauna, saunas can also help those with sleeping problems. Researchers have found those who use saunas regularly sleep better, with the carry on effects of this almost endless.

Fight illness and skin conditions

By exposing the body to steam and heat, more white blood cells are produced in the body, helping the immune system combat the flu, and other viruses. They can also help those with sinus issues or allergies; the steam from traditional Finnish saunas helping to clear the nasal passage. By opening up the pores, heat created from a sauna can also benefit those with skin issues, the deep sweat induced causes old skin cells to be replaced. Modern shower designs can now incorporate a steam room or sauna into their design, making them more accessible than ever, allowing the benefits to be enjoyed by all, in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Saunas have a social element, too

The cliché image of two old men spending time together in a sauna is not too far from the truth; for those cultures that have always used a sauna, it is a place to socialise and meet up with friends to relax. On top of this, saunas simply make us feel good. They are a relaxing space whether to use alone or with friends, and their warmth is a relief from the bitter winters of those who have always enjoyed their benefits. So if you want to feel better, look better, and sleep better, why not consider a sauna for you and your family?

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