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15 ideas for your home's entrance

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Our home's entrance is very important, because much can be said about how we take care of our house from what it looks like outside. At the same time, the front door must meet serve its basic function, to protect us from intruders. The style in which you choose a door should match both the exterior of the house and garden (if there is a garden outside). By combining dark ebony wood with a bright or lighter coloured porch wall, for example, we focus on contrasts. But the door is not the only aspect on which we should focus our attention. Stairs, lighting and surrounding greenery are all-important to consider, too. Here are 15 striking examples, to inspire and spur your creative juices!

1. Modern and expressive

A modern door with a combination of materials is an interesting solution that will suit most entrances. They constitute a barrier against against unwanted intruders, but also go well with the arrangement of the house. The lighting highlights the entire arrangement and modest vegetation.

2. Classical

This door design impresses with its simplicity, while at the same time displaying attention to detail in colour contrasts and pristine plant life. Iron railing combined with natural wood is always a winner! These doors fit such rustic houses where we value style and elegance. 

3. Colourful door

A charming house in the countryside should be fitted with an equally inviting door! This beautifully rustic wooden door painted in red adds energy and character. However, if you're wondering about choosing the right colour, it may be blue, green, pink or orange – try to find something in keeping with the rest of the house. Be creative and do not be afraid to use colour – painting the front door is not a sin! Colour enhances detail and makes the entrance to the house something special.

4. Appropriate path

The ideal garden path is not only functional, but also aesthetic and decorative. We can create this with different materials such as stone, gravel, concrete, or wood. The design of the garden (and your particular needs) will depend on what you select. Regardless of what type of path we choose, it should be durable, resistant to frost and be non-slip.

5. Properly lit

You don't have to convince anyone about the magical possibilities of lighting and how effective it can be. This example works perfectly to highlight the front of this house and light the path and stairway, making the whole area seem more dignified. Above the entrance door we may choose to install a flash that will allow us some helpful illumination to the house after dark. At night-time this also serves to increase our security. Choose lamps with motion detectors.

6. Simple

Simple solutions are often the best. Here we have a classic wooden door, brick wall and a walkway leading to the entrance. Everything in its proper place. A good joiner will be able to fit any door your desire.

7. Space

Another example of a simple, and at the same time, beautiful door. This time we have a thin pane of glass in the middle and some simple plants on either side.

8. Glass

Transparent doors let in a maximum amount of natural light. This is not a solution that will work in all houses – we have to consider about privacy as well as illumination. In this case, the modern door and also a large part of the door frame are made of glass.

9. Decorative

音楽家の家「Casa Felice」 ユミラ建築設計室 モダンな 窓&ドア

音楽家の家「Casa Felice」


We usually think of decorating inside the house, starting from the hallway. However, the outside entrance to the house, that is, the entire space just outside the door, is responsible for the first impression that will be given to our guests.

10. Modern but traditional materials

Here's an example of beautiful doors made of natural wood. They are modern, present themselves with class, and at the same time represent genius in their simplicity.

11. Futuristic

These doors perfectly fit into the arrangement of the home with active, sophisticated lighting.

12. Full sun

This immediately brings to mind holiday accommodation, full of sunshine! Doors in the intense colour of natural wood and in combination with white walls create an incredible atmosphere.

13. Vegetation

Lush greenery around the house is probably the dream of anyone who loves flowers and plants – a beautifully designed garden is something to be proud of.

14. Stairs

If your house has stairs, it's worth to taking care of their condition for aesthetics and for safety. Properly designed and constructed stairs have a big impact on how the home is perceived as a whole. In winter we may want to apply some anti- slip material.

15. Elegant

This gothic dark door with silver trim is elegance at its best. Team it with a neutral wall hue and some simple accessories for the perfect welcoming statement!

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