The Space Invaders House

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OneByNine モダンデザインの リビング
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Space Invaders – one of the most popular and iconic arcade games of our time. Developed in Japan by Tomohiro Nishikado, the game was released in 1978, and became an instant success. If you happen to be one of the few individuals unfamiliar with the game, it essentially requires the player to defend themselves by shooting at the rows of aliens with a laser cannon, earning as many points as possible, and thwarting the invasion. But what does a '70s arcade game have to do with today's project? Well, today on homify we are taking a peek inside a compact 35 sqm redesigned and remodelled apartment, which incorporates these Space Invaders into almost every room!

Designed by the team at OneByNine, a Hong Kong and Poland based architecture firm, this apartment has undergone a total transformation to provide improved living spaces and an open plan ambience.

If you would like to take a look inside this intriguing apartment, check out the images below and tour a truly original and playful home!

Reconfigured layout and floorplan

One of the biggest changes to this apartment has been the layout. The original floor plan consisted of two tiny bedrooms, a living space, small kitchen, bathroom, and hallway. The walls separating the bedrooms have been demolished, and this new space is now a larger open plan living area. The previous lounge has had a new wall constructed, from which the bedroom is now located. Additionally the hallway was opened up, to make room for a galley kitchen, and reconfigured bathroom. 

The new layout and modification of this home has been crucial to its update, and has totally reconfigured the living spaces to provide a functioning and stylish dwelling. Although the home has gone from a two bedroom residence to a one bedroom, the spaces are now better formed, and more liveable than the previous design. 

A galley kitchen with a surprise!

In this image we are given a view of the new kitchen, which is situated within the reconfigured hallway space. This wonderful new area is tight and compact, and yet perfectly designed to allow for comfortable and easy everyday living. 

If you look carefully at the left hand side of the image, the tiled splash back hints at a mosaic pattern. The image is of a space invader, one of the first invaders we will see throughout the home. The colour scheme is a mixture of white and black hues, with a light timber floorboard adding a sense of warmth to the interior spaces. 

Comfortable modern furnishings

The newly renovated dwelling features a range of comfortable pieces of furniture, and this sumptuous yet timeless sofa is definitely one of them. Sitting behind the couch is a black magpie statuette, and the built-in shelving adds a perfect place to rest curios and decorative elements. 

The coffee table is a light timber hue to match with the flooring, and keeps the interior palette light, bright, and spacious feeling. 

Spacious open plan living

As we take a step back from the sitting area, we are able to view the open plan living space. From this vantage we get a look at what was once the main bedroom, but is now a large and spacious living and dining area. As the home is only 35 sqm, there was limited available space, but surprisingly, the architects have been able to form a stylish, sophisticated, and highly liveable room.

The furniture and interior decorating is superb, with mid-century modern pieces combined with new contemporary items. There is a statement light fitting that hangs over the eating area, segregating the space, and ensuring it has warm mood lighting for a comfortable dinner experience. Timber tones are seen throughout, and add to the warmth and comfort of the entire dwelling.

Space Invaders in the bathroom!

It is within the bathroom that we get the true essence of the Space Invaders theme. The fully tiled space is replete with a host of playful imagery, which not only adds contrast to the all-white room, but is a lively and unique addition. The fixtures are individual and perfectly sized for the space, with abundant storage seen throughout. If you are looking for a bespoke bathroom, contact a professional, and get the unique design of your dreams!

A well designed roof terrace

Moving outside, the huge roof terrace is a gorgeous addition to the home. As the apartment is a compact 35 sqm, it is extremely helpful for the owners of the dwelling to have such a large additional living space. The roof terrace is approximately half of the entire area of the home, and therefore has plentiful space for a sumptuous living zone. 

In this image we get a glimpse of the corner artwork with the word 'ERROR' tiled onto the wall with small mosaics. Below that, the barbecue sits at the ready, perfect for entertaining during the spring and autumn months. The coffee table is a high gloss glass-topped waterproof design that works wonderfully and practically for the exterior terrace of the home. A cream modular sofa is the perfect addition to the corner space, and adds a place to relax, and remove oneself from the home's four walls. 

As a final note, through the glass sliding doors that open up the interior of the dwelling to the garden, we are able to view the kitchen splash back in its entirety. This gives us a good view of the Space Invader tiling, with each character shown, as well as the iconic 'BOOM' lettering. 

Hidden discoveries!

As we come to the end of the tour, we take one last glance at the corner of the roof terrace. Here we discover plenty of little curiosities to be found. Above the built-in planters we glimpse the mosaic tiled Space Invader that sits sneakily behind some foliage. 

These incorporated pots house bamboo plants, and add interest and a natural ambience to the exterior of the home. Finally, the lighting is a stand out feature of the space, illuminating the wall, and presenting the greenery as an intriguing and stylish element of the terrace.

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