A dilapidated home gets a surprising makeover


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A dilapidated home gets a surprising makeover

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Sometimes, there are spaces so dilapidated and run down that we feel nothing can be done about them. The state of disrepair makes it impossible to visualise a viable overhaul and transformation. Beyond this, there lies the real challenge of design – something that makes all before & after stories captivating. Today’s transformation tale is something like that. We look at the remarkable revamp of a space that had lost all hope. Thankfully, it was taken up by a team of expert architects who believe nothing is impossible! The home in question is Casa 2C, which lay a real eyesore in the bustling Argentinian city of Santa Fe. The astonishing renovation of this ramshackle residence by architects at D'odorico Arquitectura & Obras is well worth a tour. Let’s have a look!

Before: courtyard or dump?

モダンスタイルの プール の homify モダン

This is not so much a courtyard as a neglected old dump! The mouldy walls, makeshift roof, rickety door, wilting plants, and the thoroughly disreputable air of the place are an embarrassment to any owner.

Before: a blot in the neighbourhood

モダンな 家 の homify モダン

This shabby and uninspired house is an eyesore to the neighbourhood. It looks like a rundown warehouse at best.

After: a fresh home exuding class

モダンな 家 の homify モダン

What a makeover! The cream colour palette with its grey accents not only looks sophisticated, it harmonises beautifully with the surrounding green trees. The walls have been renovated and repainted to a pristine elegance and the clean, straight lines of the façade give it a contemporary look. The fence has a net design that provides security while still looking inviting.

After: stylish living and dining

モダンデザインの ダイニング の homify モダン

The cream and grey colour theme is repeated inside the home, giving the living and dining areas an aura of sophistication. There is a hint of yellow in the walls that is highlighted in the yellow cushion on the comfortable sofa. The interesting wooden planks that make up the floor, the stylish lamp, the classy dining set, the recessed lights and the sleek linearity and simplicity of the furniture make this area stand out as a fine example of contemporary minimalism.

After: 50 shades

モダンスタイルの寝室 の homify モダン

The cream and grey colour palette continues, but the emphasis here is on shades of grey. We love the floating bedside shelves and sleek lamps which give a modern, stylish touch to the minimalist bedroom décor. The wooden parquet adds warmth and cosiness to the room, while the modern art on the wall provides a nice splash of colour. This is a room where it would be a pleasure to kick off your shoes (as someone has evidently done in this picture!) and jump into the comfortable bed.

After: courtyard makeover

モダンスタイルの プール の homify モダン

Can this be the same courtyard that resembled a disreputable dump in the first picture? What a transformation! Not only have the walls, floor and fittings been overhauled, even a small swimming pool has been installed – and with a miniature waterfall to boot! The little green area in one corner completes the picture to perfection. What a lovely ambience for relaxing in the deck chairs!

D'odorico Arquitectura & Obras have truly proven that no house is too decrepit to be transformed into a sleek, stylish and comfortable home. Check out this transformation story for more ideas - The stunning makeover of an old family home!

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