​10 one storey homes you'll wish were yours


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​10 one storey homes you'll wish were yours

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
haus-vila 日本家屋・アジアの家 の 一級建築士事務所haus 和風
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Single-level homes really have their work cut out for them – not only in terms of space, but also look-wise. The façade, for example, has to meet several needs, striking that unique balance between light and privacy. And when the house is really small, parking could also become an issue, not to mention outdoor entertaining venues. 

So then, how do you manage all of this, plus achieve a house that looks stylish, charming, and most welcoming from the outside? Well, for one thing, you could have a look at these 10 single-storey dwellings we’ve picked out, as they all present a sturdy dose of eye-catching beauty and charisma.

Plus they’re all of the Asian style, so you know you’ll get some unique designs combined with the ‘less is more’ look. 


1. The façade with an outdoor R&R spot

This simple Asian home definitely has its priorities sorted out – that little hammock gently swaying on the porch makes sure of that. 

Built on a raised wooden platform and enjoying decadent amounts of natural light thanks to the glass doors, this attractive little design looks so homely and comfy without having to try too hard.

2. The house that enjoys lots of privacy

Clearly this façade enjoys its privacy (and with good reason), for it doesn’t allow us a lot of glimpses into the interior settings. Still, we can’t help but admire that warm and earthy-toned colour of the walls, as well as the unique outdoor spot that alternates between grass and concrete, adding some interesting detail and texture to the house.

3. Warm timber for a striking look

This little creation knows the importance of choosing the right materials. Those timber panels coated in a warm honey colour, together with the touch of slate stone on the right side, ensure that this façade deserves a second look. 

The generous niche in the front makes up a decent little carport for the owners’ vehicles. And how many other garage/carport owners can boast about frames of pebbles outlining their cars’ resting spot?

4. The hidden entrance

A windowless façade ensures prime privacy, yet this house opted for some floating wooden panels to soften the opaque impact ever so slightly. We love how the entrance has been widened and hidden on the side of the home. 

This also provides some sheltered integrating parking space.

5. The fresh and lush view

大きな一枚屋根の下で モダンな 家 の エヌ スケッチ モダン
エヌ スケッチ


エヌ スケッチ

From lots of privacy to very little, this house treats us to floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors, allowing us adequate views of the interiors. 

However, it is only a matter of time before those garden features are fully grown and beautifully lush, providing much more shade and privacy for the owners then.

6. The home of Zen

We just love the typical contemporary Japanese feel of this Asian home. The wooden panels have been painted a dark grey, and together with the vertical timber panels on the left provide a strong minimalist feel

This is a home where the geometric play of intersecting lines provides a lot of subdued appeal. All that is missing is the little Zen garden in the front yard. Perhaps with time…

7. A house that is most welcoming

南庭から見た全景 クラシカルな 家 の 宇佐美建築設計室 クラシック



Set in a lush rural area, this little Japanese cabin has been designed to welcome us in right from the start. The walls are charcoal toned, contrasting beautifully with the rich greens and blues of the background, while the indoors delightfully open up with warm glows of interior lighting.

And look: a spacious terrace perfect for an outdoor dining area.

8. A deck for outdoor living

NIIHAMA House 北欧風 家 の 澤村昌彦建築設計事務所 北欧



Even though this single-storey dwelling has lots of windows, it still provides a surprising amount of privacy. That’s due to the roof that extends quite far out to create lots of shade. 

But what we really love here is the timber deck that flaunts a delightful outdoor terrace – perfect for an outdoor dining spot, a gallery of potted plants, some exterior sofas, or a lounger or two. 

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9. The very minimalist look

日名内村の家 モダンな 家 の dygsa モダン



This minimalist home has a strong, cube-like presence, yet a quiet and calm look about it. It also has a great series of sliding glass doors that provide a strong link between the interior spaces and outdoor setting. 

Pale timber and white colours adorn the façade, unified by the simple geometry of the windows and doors.  

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10. The façade of contrasts

Even though this house flaunts one of the tiniest front windows we’ve ever seen, it still ensures that its façade gets a second look thanks to its choice of materials. Vertical timber panels add some interesting texture, pattern, and a dose of warmth which contrast uniquely with the cool grey surfaces.

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