Top 5 Projects of the Week: Modern Wall Ideas to Space-Saving Secrets

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Before we raise the curtain on this week's highlights, please make sure you've got a notepad and pen handy because have we got some great ideas for you! We can wait, no problem…

Oh, you're back! Great, then let's get started with this week's homify Top 5. If you're unfamiliar with the format, think of us of your iPlayer, in so much that you can catch up on all the week's highlights in one place. That's it? we hear you say. Well, we're all about simplicity!

This week you were hugely interested in (in a very particular order) our ideas for decorating modern walls; saving money on your household bills; improving your home on a budget (perhaps those summer holidays have cleaned out the savings account); tips for a simpler home (and life) and, last but not least, space-saving secret weapons for small homes.

This might be our most practical assortment of articles we can remember so, get comfortable and don't forget to make notes…

1. Modern Decorating Ideas for the Walls in Your Home

Sprucing up a place involves so much more than laying down a nice rug or dusting off those side tables. A lot of the time we focus so much on the furniture and décor pieces in a room that we completely overlook the elements that physically hold the room together – the walls. 

Walls may appear simple, but that does not mean you have to approach them (or decorate them) in a simple manner. Thanks to creative thinkers, there are so many options we can pick from to make a wall a focal piece in a room, and we are not just talking about splashing a new coat of paint on it. 

So, to help you add a bit of ‘wow’ to your walls, let’s take a look at ten possible home furnishing solutions to take those vertical surfaces from simple to stunning!

2. Quick and Easy Ways to Cut Your Home Costs

Are you planning on upgrading to a bigger home? Do your kids require money for a school trip? Or are you finally planning on taking that long overdue holiday? Whatever you're trying to save money for, cutting down home costs can drastically increase saving, reduce spending and make your life that little easier in the long term. 

But how exactly does one cut down on domestic costs? When we think of how we spend money, it may seem as though we are thrifty, and many individuals don't see any ways they can reduce their spending. However, it is almost always a case of a little bit here, little bit there that can soon add up in the long run. 

We'll show you eleven different ways you can reduce your overall home costs, and increase your domestic savings. Read on to learn more…

3. Brilliantly Thrifty Ways You Can Improve Your Home

If you're anything like us, even when you've finished decorating your house completely, you'll still be tempted to tweak and look for ways to upgrade. We're just never totally happy!

In a bid to help you combat your need to keep adding, altering and accessorising, we've taken inspiration from some of the incredible interior designers out there and found some brilliant yet cost-effective ways to add a little freshness to your home design.

From kitchens to bedrooms and every room in between, we've found some fantastic ideas, so prepare to be blown away by these brilliant budget hacks!

4. Seven Steps to a Simpler Home (And Life)

渋谷区の住宅 sorama me Inc. オリジナルスタイルの 寝室
sorama me Inc.


sorama me Inc.

Know what the keyword of any successful home design is? Simplicity. It needs to look effortless and straightforward, yet far from dull. It has to portray elegance and allurement, yet not bombard one’s senses with superfluous décor or unnecessary embellishments. 

Many of us miss these key attributes, as our interior spaces become dumping grounds for a multitude of keepsakes and pieces accumulated throughout the years. And although there is nothing wrong with showing off a beautiful collection of souvenirs (whether that be crockery or snow globes), it has to look simple and uncluttered. That is the secret to a perfect looking interior. 

To set you on the road to simple yet stylish-looking spaces, we have gathered some examples of interiors that are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

5. Space-Saving Secrets Weapons for Your Small Home

Unless you live in a 10 room mansion, space will always be an issue in your life. The need to acquire more legroom has spawned numerous out-of-the-box solutions and gadgets. But we thought we’d tackle those often-overlooked storage ideas that most of us already have in our homes.

These clever space-saving ideas have proven their worth again and again, which is exactly why they deserve to be mentioned. Read on and see which ones you’ve never thought of before…