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How to choose the perfect colours for your bedroom

Leigh Leigh
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Perhaps until now, you probably thought that colour of your bedroom was something purely related to decor. You probably choose a colour palette that works well with the rest of the design and decor in your home.

However, colour also plays a big role in physiology. The moment our eyes adjust to the light, the way we perceive colour as well as the process our brains go through affects our moods.

In this homify ideabook today, we will discover the potential of each colour and see what it inspires. This advice will change how you see colours in your bedroom!

Close to the origin

In this bedroom, by design professionals Estudio Sespede Architects, we come across very earthy colours that result in a very light and natural space. This colour palette is very rich, ranging from a vibrant burnt orange to different shades of brown.

The overall effect is very calm and harmonious. It brings us back to mother nature, providing a very unique, original and primitive setting.

The strength of the spirit

There are lots of different theories around the colour white. Some argue that it represents the absence of colour while others say that the soft pale hues embody purity or represent the spiritual world.

The truth is that in a bedroom, a white colour palette brings a lot of elegance and brightness to a space. It is also an excellent tapestry where different colours and rich textures can come together beautifully.

Don't you love this modern and chic bedroom that utilises white tones?

Contact with nature

Now we turn to the blues. This colour palette offers several different options including a deep blue, a dark sea blue or lighter blues that remind us of clear skies.

Undoubtedly, this colour is associated with peace and quiet. It really can make us feel one with nature when we are relaxing in our bedrooms. 

It also combines perfectly with creams or neutral tones. 

Harmony within reach

What is good to know is that greens are colours that provide balance and harmony in the environment. In a bedroom, the presence of this colour palette will help stabilise our emotional state and make us feel satisfied and fulfilled.

The famous phrase green hope conveys the feeling that you get in a green bedroom.

Textilesaccessories or the painting of a wall are great ways to include green into a design without overwhelming the space.

A little more serious

Grey adds elegance to any room, introducing a stately air.

Bedrooms that utilise this colour palette can also introduce some neutral tones such as cream, white or black.

In this bedroom, designed by Estudio Nicolas Pierry, we can see how the soft colour distinctions pack quite a punch.

The more feminine

Those who prefer a rose-coloured palette emphasise the feminine and the intimate in a bedroom.

Within this range of colours, we can find anything from a soft pink that provokes tenderness and warmth to an intense fuschsia colour that brings in a modern and contemporary twist.

Total freshness

This type of bedroom incorporates different colours, bringing in a more youthful and fresh look and feel as well as giving this space light and ambiance. 

Cushions in the various hues create a fun atmosphere while the large colourful drawing on the wall brings in a more casual and personal charm. 

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