9 artistic house facades that will inspire you!


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9 artistic house facades that will inspire you!

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royale projects : contemporary art が手掛けた家
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Everyone wants the dream house that is the envy of the neighbourhood. Your home should feel and look like yours inside and out, so the exterior is just as important as the interior. We've made you the perfect list of house facades that are creative and eye-catching and will totally inspire you!

1. Of class and angles

M4-house 「重なり合う家」: Architect Show co.,Ltdが手掛けた家です。
Architect Show co.,Ltd

M4-house 「重なり合う家」

Architect Show co.,Ltd

This beautiful facade combines together two smart and sophisticated ideas: lots of right angles and the different tones of wood panelling. It gives the house an air of intelligence and power as it towers over the ground, looking spacious and professional. We have more modern home facade inspiration for you here!

2. Classically beautiful

From a distance, this would probably seem like a relatively normal house; four walls, pointed roof, a few windows. However, when you look closer, it's actually pretty spectacular! One wall of the house is a huge window, with the idyllic view into the garden outside. The roof is thatched for that adorable holiday cottage feel, but there's also a huge skylight within it which lets even more light flood into the home. It's a beautiful twist on a classic facade!

3. Smoke and mirrors

Mirrors: bandesignが手掛けたレストランです。



You didn't think you could trick the neighbours like this, did you? This imaginative mirrored facade is the talk of the town! We love how the design of this intriguing house reflects everything around it. The sky, the blossom on the trees, the road – it's an incredible hidden gem! At first glance, you probably couldn't tell that there's a house behind those mirrors.

4. Cool and curvy

Facades like this one catch the eye immediately! We are so used to houses with right angles, bricks, points and corners. Here, however, the facade is smooth, cool and curved to soften its impression. The rest of the one-storey home is open to the world through large windows, showing off how huge each room is. We especially love how the smooth, white exterior 'shell' that seems to be cleanly wrapped around the home!

5. Skylight nightlight

Minimal yet impressive, this facade is definitely a creative feat! It's a Japanese geometric beauty. While there are no windows on the rest of the house, all of the light is let in through the huge, sculptural skylight in the roof. At night, it's like a warm spotlight into the sky, or, from the inside, a perfect view into the night.

6. A day at the beach

These Portuguese beauties have bright and bold facades and definitely stand out from one another. Their solid stripes are reminiscent of vintage beach huts you'd find on a summer holiday where you could change and hide in the shade from the sun. They certainly have a sense of summer fun and excitement about them!

7. Stack 'em

A combined shop and residence, this house has both an artistic and professional facade. It seems like three separate boxes unevenly stacked on top of each other. This creative facade saves on space, as the house is located at a busy intersection in the city, so having the home 'stacked' is an intelligent idea here! It's definitely striking and eye-catching, artistic and inspiring.

8. There was an old woman who lived in a shoe…

This artistic house facade simply blows our minds! When we heard the nursery rhyme as children, we never thought that living in a shoes could become a reality…

Its curved, white walls – the main body of the shoe – seem a perfect fit from a giant's foot (or the old woman's many children). The eclectic design totally stands out from others; it seems more like an art installation than a home!

9. Surreal surroundings

Our final pick is quite spectacular. It's half panelled with beautiful, deep golden wood and half panelled with mirrors! It's like the house is halfway in another world. You can see parts of the surroundings reflected in what should be a wall or a window. We love it!

If you like these, we have more amazing facades for you right here!

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