Clever Brits Living Affordably in 25m²

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We've long had an affinity for clever studio space living. With increasing populations and dwindling building plots, we all need to get a little more ingenious with our spaces. Plus, we never shy away from a chance to flex our creative storage muscles!

With that in mind, today's incredible project has piqued our interest and secured our admiration for all the right reasons. Comprised of just 25m², you'll be shocked at the lack of compromise and just how luxurious and spacious this home really feels, thanks to some clever inclusions.

Ready to live large in a small space? Then join us for a look around!

Looks like any living room

If this was the only picture we showed you, you'd be forgiven for thinking that though this is a lovely space, it doesn't exactly seem unusual as far as living rooms go.

Think again! We're going to reveal exactly how this room works as a multifunctional, beautiful studio space and just remember that skinny wall desk… it becomes important in a moment!

Hidden surprises

When every inch counts in a small home, you are reliant on your ability to adapt and use storage in a more clever way than you usually might. That's why we love this wall cupboard which, when shut, has mirrored door panels to trick the eye into thinking the room is much larger.

Open up the folding doors and you find a perfect little home office set up that lacks nothing and offers amazing practicality. This would be a great flat for a student or freelancer.

Out of nowhere

It really does pay to call in some expert help for small home spaces, as the interior design team here made using every available bit of space look so easy, natural and seamless! Who would have thought that a Murphy bed could simply be unfolded over a sofa? It's the simple solutions that really help with spaces like this.

Even in a tiny home, you can enjoy double bed luxury and we have to say that the transformative nature of this room is inspiring.

Woah there!

We bet you weren't expecting this! Do you remember the skinny wall desk that we told you to keep in mind earlier? Well, that was one of the end pieces of this table, which simply breaks down and folds flat to be stored away until needed. How's that for amazing innovation? We bet you thought you wouldn't be able to enjoy dinner parties here but… ta da!

Small things, such as built-in wall shelving, help to add storage at every turn but it's surprising how uncluttered the space looks. How can 25m² be so adaptive, light and gorgeous?

Nothing left out

Small flats can be adorable but it always makes us a little sad when a proper kitchen hasn't been put in place. It's something we don't think you should have to negate, so what a treat this small yet perfectly formed room is! 

All mod-cons are present and correct and, with a white decorating scheme, this undeniably small space still feels good and usable. It also leaves the main room better-equipped for social and relaxation purposes. A perfectly functional bathroom finishes the floor plan. While this might be a small home, it's one that we'll remember for a long time, using it as inspiration for getting more from our own properties.

Now then, where can we get a foldaway dining table from… ?

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