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Origami fold from old books

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  • An old book (about 600 to 800 pages)


​Today we'll show you how to make a creative and unique decoration object out of an old book you no longer need. Here we go!

30 分難易度簡単

ステップ 1: The book

Choose a paperback book with enough pages for your origami project.

ステップ 2: Fold the first page

You start by folding the first page of your book. The easiest way: From the top right to the middle and then from the bottom right to the middle, resulting in a triangle.

ステップ 3: Fold all pages to the middle of the book

Now you're going to the same way with the next pages to the middle of the book.

ステップ 4: Fold the other way around from the middle

When you arrive at the centre of your book, you fold the rest of the pages in the other direction.

ステップ 5: The result

And that's the way it looks when you're done. You can lay your Origami book at will or put it down and decorate as you wish.

ステップ 6: Decoration Inspiration

Here is a decoration idea for inspiration. A really great new use for an old book, right?